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Kiwis continue to caffeinate

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January 2008—December 2012, Australia n=19,640, New Zealand n=11,682.

When it comes to café culture, New Zealand woke up and smelt the coffee before Australia. Five years ago, 57% of New Zealanders reported visiting a café for a tea or coffee in an average three-month period, compared to 53% of their trans-Tasman neighbours. But as the latest results from Roy Morgan Research show, the gap has since closed.

In the year to December 2012, 56% of New Zealanders and 56% of Australians visited a café for a coffee or tea. While more Australians are visiting cafes more often, New Zealanders’ café visitation habits have remained relatively stable, with the exception of a slight growth in 2012.

Interestingly, Aussies aged under-25 and over 65 showed the most growth in café visitation, whereas New Zealanders over 50 were the only group to show even a slight increase: from 59% in 2008 to 60% in 2012.

Australians vs New Zealanders: Visited a café for tea or coffee in the last 3 months

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January 2008—December 2012, Australia n=19,640, New Zealand n=11,682.

Women lead the trend in both countries. In the year to December 2012, 63% of Kiwi women and 50% of Kiwi men reported visiting a café for coffee or tea in an average three-month period; while 60% of Australian women and 52% of men did the same.

Pip Elliott, General Manager, Roy Morgan Research NZ, says:

“Café culture is enjoyed on both sides of the Tasman, although Australians were slower to embrace it with quite the same zeal as New Zealanders.

“Over the last five years, however, café visitation in Australia has increased to match New Zealand. Growth across all age groups indicates that this may be a continuing trend, whereas the market in New Zealand seems to have plateaued.

“Now is the time for Kiwi café operators to up the ante and try to buck this trend — recognising which customers have the most potential for growth and targeting them with appropriate marketing.”

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