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Climate change – who cares? Answer: Melbourne.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) April 2011 – March 2013, n = 86,992

Four Melbourne electorates top the nationwide list of those with the highest levels of environmental concern, the latest Roy Morgan Research polling of Australian electors reveals.

More than 1 in 4 voters in Kooyong (30%), Wills (28%), Batman and Gellibrand (26% each) rate global warming and climate change as one of the most important issues. The Division of Melbourne, held by Greens MP Adam Bandt, comes in at 8th with 24% of its electors citing the issue.

Only in LNP-held Kooyong is climate change the number one issue, ahead of managing the economy, improving health services and hospitals and keeping day to day living costs down.

Nationally, 12% of voters rate global warming as one of the most important issues. All electorates to make the Top 10—with rates at least double the Australian norm—are in capital cities: Adelaide, Wentworth, Sydney, Canberra and Kingsford Smith, while Brisbane and Denison fall just outside at 11th and 12th respectively.

The huge gap between the top- and bottom-ranked electorates demonstrates a clear divergence of priorities, especially between urban electors and those living in outer city suburbs and country areas. In the NSW seat of Hunter, fewer than 1 in 50 voters include global warming and climate change on their list of concerns.

At number 18 with 20%, Richmond on the far north-east coast of NSW and covering Byron Bay is the only non-metropolitan electorate to make the Top 25.

Top/Bottom 10 Electorates by Proportion of Voters who cite Global Warming and Climate Change as an important issue

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) April 2011 – March 2013, n = 86,992

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s announcement that he will bring forward by a year the shift from a carbon tax to an emissions trading scheme has poured cold water on the Opposition Leader’s promise to make repealing the carbon tax its first act if elected.

“It remains to be seen if Mr Abbott’s promise will be as impactful if he has to replace the word ‘tax’ with ‘ETS’. 

However both major parties are clearly well aware that for the vast majority of voters action on climate change comes secondary to reducing cost of living pressures. Hence why much of the ‘environmental’ debate in recent times has quickly turned to electricity bills and dollars saved per family.

“With only a small handful of voters more concerned by climate change than their day-to-day expenditures, this is evidently a wise political decision.”

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