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Movie-goers have more fun

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January 2013 – December 2013 (n=48,835). Base: Australians 14+
So it’s Oscars time again, and the bets are on. While we can’t tell you which movie, actor or director is going to win, we can predict that many Australians will have an informed opinion on the matter: after all, 47% of the population (more than 9 million people) go to the cinema at least once in an average three months, making movie-going one of the country’s most popular leisure activities.

In any given three-month period last year, more Aussies went to the cinema than pursued a hobby (28%), played a computer game at home (32%), played a team sport (24%) or partook in formal exercise such as going to the gym, running or cycling (43%). Only working in the garden (55%) attracted a higher participation rate.

Activities done at least once in the last three months


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January 2013 – December 2013 (n=48,835).

A slightly higher proportion of women (49%) than men (45%) went to the cinema in an average three-month period last year, with visitation rising to 68% of women and 66% of men in the under-25 age bracket.

Interestingly, the majority of the 9 million people who went to the movies in any given three months were repeat attendees. While 42% went just once, 40% went two or three times; 14% went between four and seven times; and 4% went eight or more times (and probably have oblong-shaped eyes as a result!).

Once is not enough

But there’s more to people who go to the cinema twice or more in a three-month period than mere movie mania. These individuals are more likely to be optimistic about the economy and feel financially stable than the average Australian (or the one-off movie-goer), and less likely to deprive themselves of ‘luxuries’ when shopping.

As consumers, they tend to be the big spenders of society. With healthy discretionary expenditure, they’re more likely than the average Aussie or one-off movie-goer to indulge in treats such as going to the beauty salon or buying fresh flowers. They also rate above the national average in terms of shopping at music stores, fashion boutiques and department stores. Online shopping is popular too: people who visit the cinema twice or more in any given three months are generally more likely to purchase fashion and entertainment/leisure products via the internet in the same period.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“What with the average price of an adult cinema ticket pushing $20, plus the additional expense of choc tops, popcorn and soft drinks, going to the movies can be a costly exercise. But it seems that many Australians don’t mind shelling out for the silver screen: going to the cinema is still one of our most popular leisure activities.

“Obviously, the more often you go to the movies, the more it costs you. So it makes sense that those Australians who visit the cinema multiple times over a three-month period would typically be less budget-conscious than the average Aussie, or even the one-off cinema attendee.

When viewed through the lens of Roy Morgan Research’s in-depth consumer profiling system, Helix Personas, we see that people from the financially independent Leading Lifestyle and upwardly mobile Metrotech communities are more likely to go to the movies two or more times in an average three months. For example, the successful, high-earning Blue Chip persona consistently over-indexes for multiple cinema visits, representing a golden opportunity for marketers hoping to connect with this potentially lucrative audience via cinema advertising.

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