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Helix Personas catchment analysis provides even greater, localised insights into Australian consumers

Roy Morgan Research is pleased to announce the inclusion of area or catchment analysis features in Helix Personas, our ground-breaking segmentation and data integration tool.

Roy Morgan Research is pleased to announce the inclusion of area or catchment analysis features in Helix Personas, our ground-breaking segmentation and data integration tool. These features, built by Map Data Services, allow the user to search a street address inside the mapping facilities in Helix and then define a catchment area around that address.  

A range of key metrics are available for the area including the distribution of:

  • Helix Personas
  • Age groups
  • Household lifecycles
  • Values Segments
  • Technology Adoption Segments
  • Discretionary spend
  • Socioeconomic scale
  • Media usage
  • Mail readership

Since Helix was launched late last year, it has been steadily adopted by brand owners, media agencies and media owners all looking to gain further understanding of consumer behaviour, attitudes, values, core drivers and consumption patterns.


John Ellenberger, Helix Program Manager, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“We are very excited to offer our customers this new feature. The mapping functionality has been very popular with users and we have had many requests to include catchment analysis type features in the product. We are happy to have delivered an elegantly engineered solution that is very easy to use and offers marketers a great deal on spatial insight.”

Nerida Jenkins, Director, Retail Oasis, says:

“We’ve been using the Helix catchment facility to help our clients better understand the differing profiles of individual stores within their networks and the implications this has on current store performance. The facility also gives them the opportunity to offer more localised, more relevant product mixes, marketing messages and media selection.

“Not only does Helix help our clients better understand their current store profiles, it also offers deep insight on where best to locate future stores and ultimately build the ideal store network for a retail brand. And for clients with databases, we are now able to tag each customer with a Helix Persona, segment their database and present far more relevant offers to them.

“Helix is unique in providing incredibly rich psychographic data that adds far more meaningful and actionable consumer insight than any purely demographic mapping tool can offer.”

Cassandra Barker, General Manager, Map Data Services, says:

“Presenting Roy Morgan’s data spatially unlocks a tremendous asset for Australian marketers. The Helix team have a clear vision for the platform and it is developing into a powerful tool for visualising patterns of consumer behaviour. We are delighted to be partnering with them and bringing our geospatial skills to the project.”

The catchment analysis feature is available to all Helix subscribers as part of the Map tab. If you want to find out more about Helix Personas please contact Roy Morgan Research or visit the Helix website.

For comments or more information please contact:

John Ellenberger,  Helix Program Manager
Office: +61 (3) 9224 5293
Mobile: +610 409 539 603

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