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Bohemia and Roy Morgan Research join forces to shake up outdoor advertising using Helix Personas

Roy Morgan Research has partnered with one of Australia’s leading Media Agencies, Bohemia, to bring the power and insights of Helix Personas to the recent Red Rooster brand campaign.
Roy Morgan Research has partnered with one of Australia’s leading Media Agencies, Bohemia, on the recent Red Rooster brand campaign. Roy Morgan was briefed by Bohemia and asked to profile outdoor advertising sites using Helix Personas so as to deliver a more targeted, accurate campaign solution for Red Rooster.  

Using the ground-breaking consumer segmentation tool Helix Personas, Roy Morgan profiled 360 bus shelters around Australia to determine which personas lived within a 1km radius of each one. Based on the findings of each bus shelter’s ‘catchment area’, one of six different advertisements was chosen for display in the shelter.

Knowing which personas live in the areas surrounding each bus shelter, and understanding their habits, attitudes and preferences, has allowed Red Rooster to pick the creative that will resonate most strongly with them. After all, living locally means these personas are very likely to see the advertisement, whether they catch the bus or simply walk past the shelter.

This targeted outdoor advertising approach enabled Bohemia and Red Rooster to communicate the appropriate message to the relevant audience. The result? What every advertiser wants: increased consumer engagement!

Examples of Red Rooster’s outdoor creatives based on Helix catchment areas

Ferntree Gully Rd, Ferntree Gully, 3156, Melbourne East

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Marion St, Haberfield, 2045, Sydney Inner West

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John La Rosa, General Manager – Agencies, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“This is a very exciting development for advertisers and businesses in Australia. Never before has a segmentation product as extensive as Helix Personas been used to profile outdoor sites in this way. The rich psychographic data that Helix Personas offers allows for a deeper understanding of consumers and their purchasing behaviour. This project clearly demonstrates that using Helix Personas generates a more accurate campaign and substantially boosts audience engagement for advertisers.”

Rosie Plunton, Business Director – Bohemia says:

“This project is the perfect example of how data analysis and insight has allowed Bohemia to deliver a simple yet unique Outdoor solution for our client Red Rooster. We understood the importance of using the data intelligence Helix Personas offers as a smart new media tool to provide our audience with the most relevant message based on their personality and behaviour. We are thrilled with the results, and it’s something we look forward to continuing in the future.”

Ann Jones, National Marketing Manager at Red Rooster said:

“In an ever-cluttered media world, consumers are getting better and better at filtering out messages that are not relevant to them.  Using Helix Personas to gain an understanding of the demographic profile that will interact with our outdoor advertising allowed us to select creative executions that will resonate with those consumers. We have to start being smarter about not just the channels we use but the creative messages we select if we want to gain relevant cut-through.”

For comments or more information about Roy Morgan Research’s Helix and Agency data, please contact:

John La Rosa, General Manager – Agencies
Office: +61 (2) 9021 9115

Please click on this link for more information about Helix Personas

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