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Sports betting via the internet more popular than TAB outlets

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), June 2003-July 2004 (n=23,426) and June 2013-July 2014 (n=15,998). NB: Other channels include: telephone account, on-course tote, on-course bookmaker, and telephone bookmaker

Is there anything that can’t be done online? Whether it’s watching TV, listening to radio, reading the news, shopping for clothes, chatting with friends or job-hunting, the possibilities are endless. Placing sports bets via the internet is another example, being one of the few forms of gambling that has actually increased in popularity in recent years. Roy Morgan Research investigates…  

In the year to June 2014, 207,000 Australians 18+ (or 1.1% of the adult population) placed at least one sports bet via the internet in an average three months, almost four times the number who placed their sports bet at a TAB agency in the same period (53,000 or 0.3% of the population). TAB outlets in pubs or clubs were the second most popular venue for placing sports bets, attracting 137,000 punters (0.8%) in any given three months.

Ten years ago, it was a different story, with TAB outlets in pubs and clubs (124,000 people) and TAB agencies (112,000) well ahead of online sports betting (46,000).

Sports betting channels used by Australians: 2004 vs. 2014


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), June 2003-July 2004 (n=23,426) and June 2013-July 2014 (n=15,998). NB: Other channels include: telephone account, on-course tote, on-course bookmaker, and telephone bookmaker

Men aged between 25 and 34 were the most likely to have placed a sports bet in any given three months, with 6.1% of this age group doing so; they were also the most likely to have placed a bet on sport via the internet.

Angela Smith, Group Account Director – Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“With digital technology playing an ever-more central role in our lives, it is not surprising that the internet has overtaken TAB agencies and outlets as the most popular way to place a sports bet. Yet while the number of people using TAB agencies has halved in the last decade, TAB outlets in pubs and clubs remain popular.

“Using Roy Morgan Research’s ground-breaking profiling tool Helix Personas, we can pin-point which segments of the population are more likely to place sports bets online in any given three months and which still tend to bet at agencies or outlets.

“Take Today’s Families, the Helix community most likely to use the internet to place their bets. Typically well-paid and living in tech-enriched outer-suburban homes, these young, family-focused parents love their gizmos, and would not think twice about placing bets online.

“On the other hand, Leading Lifestyles are more likely to visit a TAB agency than go online if they want to place a sports bet. These older, affluent individuals enjoy the good life, and would not be averse to the occasional flutter for a bit of fun – with going down to the local TAB being part of the experience.

“Younger, gregarious and tech-savvy, Metrotechs show an almost equally elevated likelihood of betting in a TAB outlet and online. Whether they’re having a drink with friends at the pub and place a bet while they’re there, or they have a quick wager on their smartphone while watching a match on TV, Metrotechs simply adapt to the occasion.”

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