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Australians put the squeeze on fruit juice brands

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, July 2009–June 2014, average annual sample =18,912 Australians 14+.

Over 1.5 million fewer Australians 14+ are drinking packaged fruit juice in an average week compared with 2010, new data from Roy Morgan Research shows.  The number of us drinking juice in an average week has fallen four years in a row, from 8.6 million in the year to June 2010 (48%) to just over 7 million (37%) today.  

Although the top three brands remain the same—and in the same order—compared with 2011, all are now consumed by fewer people each week: Berri (now drunk by 7.5% of Australians, down from 13.3%); Golden Circle (5.6%, down from 8.0%), and Daily Juice (5.2%, down from 7.2%).

As is the case with many food and beverage categories, the home brands of the two supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have become more popular—with each overtaking Just Juice. 3.4% of Australians now drink one of Woolworths’ in-store varieties in an average week (up from 3.2% in 2010) and 2.9% drink Coles-brand juice (up from 2.4%).

Nudie is one of the few brands that more of us drink now (1.8%) than four years ago (0.2%).  

Australians drinking Top 7 fruit juice/drink brands in average week

 Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, July 2009–June 2014, average annual sample =18,912 Australians 14+.

Angela Smith, Group Account Director – Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Different juice drink brands appeal to different consumers, however Berri’s lead is consistent across all of our Helix Personas communities.

“But among those brands in a close race, there is some variation in which types of people prefer which: Metrotechs are the most likely to drink Nudie, Battlers the most likely to drink Woolworths’ homebrand, and Leading Lifestyles the most likely to drink Daily Juice.

“It is notable that despite the popularity of packaged juice being clearly on the decline, the proportion of Australians now with a juice extractor in the home (26.4%) is virtually unchanged compared with 2010. Of course, whether or not they use them regularly is a whole other story!” 

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