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To dial for: the Australian home phone service providers with the most satisfied customers

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Australians 14+ July 2014–December 2013 (n = 8985) and July 2014 – December 2014 (n = 8120)

Only around two in three home phone customers across Australia (67%) said they were satisfied with their current provider in the six months to December last year, down 1% point since the six months to December 2013, the 2014 Customer Satisfaction results from Roy Morgan Research show.

As announced at the recent annual Customer Satisfaction Awards, local government-owned Southern Phone took out the title for the second consecutive year with satisfaction reported by 91% of its customers in the second half of 2014, a 6% point improvement on its own result during the same period the year before.

Other home phone providers with strong above-average levels of customer satisfaction over the period include Internode (85%, down 2% points) and its parent company iiNet (77%, down 7% points), TPG (75%, up 3% points) and Optus (73%, up 2% points). Although still with an above-average result of 71% satisfaction among its customers, iPrimus suffered the largest decline year-on-year with a 9% point drop.

As the predominant home phone provider, Telstra’s 64% satisfaction rate (down 1% point) impacts proportionately on the industry’s overall score. But contrary to the general trend, it was a smaller provider, Dodo, which claimed the wooden spoon in 2014, satisfying only 60% of its home phone customers, down 4% points.

% of customers satisfied with home phone provider

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Australians 14+ July 2014–December 2013 (n = 8985and July 2014 – December 2014 (n = 8120)

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards highlight the winners but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Roy Morgan tracks customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, advocacy and NPS across a wide range of industries and brands. This data can be analysed by month for your brand and importantly your competitive set. 

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Tim Martin, General Manager - Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Although an increasing number of Australians are opting not to have a home phone, the service remains the core household telecommunications product—and often the one from which people add on bundled extras such as internet and mobile.  

“All home phone service providers need to investigate their satisfaction beyond these broad numbers, looking at demographics, attitude, lifestyle, and household usage habits (all readily available in our comprehensive Single Source survey of 50,000 Australians annually) to discover who is less likely to be satisfied and who of them may be planning to switch provider or forgo a home phone line altogether.”  

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