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Indonesian mobile phone owners more likely to notice outdoor advertising

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Indonesia), January 2014 – December 2014. Sample: n = 30,304 Indonesians 14+

Street banners are seen by almost 110 million Indonesians during an average week, 80 million see posters and around 70 million notice billboards or cigarette shop ads, out-of-home advertising awareness data collected from over 30,000 Indonesians (14+) by Roy Morgan shows.

Seven in 10 Indonesians (70%) noticed street banner advertising during an average week in 2014, and just over half (51%) saw an advertising poster. Over 4 in 10 noticed Billboards (46%) or cigarette shop ads (44%), and almost 1 in 3 recalled seeing a neon sign advertisement in the last seven days (32%). 

Rounding out the Top 10 out-of-home advertising types seen each week are: wall paintings (22%), flyers (20%), public transportation (16%), spare wheel covers (11%) and bus shelters (10%). 

% of Indonesians who see outdoor advertising type during the week 

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Indonesia), January 2014 – December 2014. Sample: n = 30,304 Indonesians 14+

And although you might assume they’re too unaware, with heads down looking down at screens, Indonesia’s 140 million mobile phone users—especially the 60 million with a smartphone—are actually much more likely to notice out-of-home advertising.

Three quarters of smartphone owners see street banner advertising during the week (74%), compared with 69% of non-smart mobile owners and just 61% of Indonesians without a mobile phone at all.

Smartphone owners are also the mobile group most likely to see posters (54%), billboards (54%) cigarette shop ads (49%) or neon signs (36%).

Other types of out-of-home advertising more likely to be seen by smartphone owners than either regular mobile owner or non-owners include wall paintings, flyers, public transportation, outdoor LED screens, bus shelter ads, spare wheel covers, sampling, balloons, indoor LED screens, and railway station ads.

% who see advertising by phone ownership

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Indonesia), January 2014 – December 2014. Sample: n = 30,304 Indonesians 14+

Overall, 96% of smartphone owners notice at least one form of out-of-home advertising each week, compared with 94% of people with a non-smart mobile and 90% of people with no mobile phone at all.

Debnath Guharoy, Regional Director, Roy Morgan Research Asia Pacific, says:

“It turns out smartphone owners aren’t just walking around with their heads down, peering at screens. Smartphone owners notice more outdoor advertising than others, suggesting that the integration of Outdoor and Digital in marketing campaigns could indeed provide a promising advantage for marketers.

“Out-of-home advertising revenue continues to grow, and media companies around the world are thinking outside the box, with new innovations such as geo-tagging, digital billboards that change with the weather, and interactive screens.”

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