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Here’s 19 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know about Australia’s BuzzFeed Readers

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January – December 2015, sample = 15,367 Australians 14+

Because why not. LOL.    

1. There are almost 2 million of them

OMG! 1 in 10 Aussies (aged 14+) went to the BuzzFeed website in an average four weeks in 2015. That’s a lot – but it’s actually down a bit since 2014, when a bit over 2 million of us would visit each month on average.

2. 63% of them go to the site at least once a week

And that’s way up from 2014, when just 52% of the site’s visitors in a four-week period had checked it out within the last 7 days.

3. Around 1 in 5 are teenagers…

Which is pretty high, but The Vine, Mashable and Tumblr all have more teens-per-reader than BuzzFeed. 

4. …while 1 in 20 are 65 or older

Or did they just get lost trying to find BigPond??

5. 4% surf

6. 4% buy Surf

7. 4% went to Surfer’s in the past year

8. And 61% like to surf the net while watching TV

9. In fact, they spend 27 hours a week using the internet

That’s 8 hours more than other people. 

10. And only 40% watch the news on TV

But over half of people who don’t visit BuzzFeed watch TV News.

11. They are way more likely than others to think they’re “a bit of an intellectual”…

58% of BuzzFeed visitors agree with that self-description, compared with just 37% of everyone else.

12. …which might be a fair call: they are 28% more likely than everyone else to have read a novel in the last 3 months…

And 27% more likely to have read a non-fiction book. And 37% more likely to have been to an art exhibition or museum.

13. …but they're not all geniuses: 1 in 8 say they like to eat sushi but not Japanese food

Although to be fair, this is still below the Aussie norm, believe it or not. 

14. Whatever time of day, they’re more likely than others to want funny media content – but it varies

At dinner time on weekdays, they’re 75% more likely than average to want something funny; at breakfast, they’re 28% more likely. 

15. The internet is their favourite media to use at breakfast time…

This is quite unlike the rest of Australia. Nationally, going online ranks third in the morning, behind listening to radio and watching TV.

16. Most reckon the internet is the best media to use to find out about (almost) anything they could want to buy

Except for two things: groceries and alcohol. Most BuzzFeed readers say catalogues are the most useful media for food and booze.

17. 42% agree they often notice ads while using the internet

Although we’d hazard a guess that fewer of them can quickly spot BuzzFeed’s native advertising content. 

18. Nearly 1 in 7 have both a dog and a cat

All up, they spent almost $120 million on pet supplies last year. About a quarter of that was via the internet. 

19. 4 in 9 are single, 5 in 16 live with their parents, and 1 in 140 are pregnant

You do the math. 

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January – December 2015, sample = 15,367 Australians 14+

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