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Roy Morgan set to reveal enhanced cross-device and cross-platform audience data

Enhanced cross-device and cross-platform audience data from Roy Morgan Research.

Publishers, media agencies and brand advertisers next week will have access to new enhanced cross-device and cross-platform audience data for newspapers, magazines and websites from Roy Morgan Research. The latest data is the culmination of advances in both data collection and processing implemented over the past 12 months.

The enhanced cross device audience data is a key component of Roy Morgan Single Source, the industry standard for planning and buying media. The new data integrates Roy Morgan Research’s solution to a wide range of long-standing industry issues around how to accurately measure and profile unique online audiences across desktop, tablet and mobile. Until now, this was all the more complex as the ratio of devices is different by website and these ratios changes over time.

The new data will transform how publishers, advertisers and media agencies understand and measure online behaviour. Underpinning the data is ‘gold standard’ research, using a probabilistic sample recruited face-to-face – simply the only way to produce results that can be reliably projected to the total population. This research is supplemented by machine based online data collected via software, as well as data collected from digital pixels placed on websites. This approach now captures online media visitation across all platforms, operating systems and devices to generate the most accurate and comprehensive view of online behaviour in Australia.

Bauer Media Australia has been the first publisher to fully implement Roy Morgan’s total online solution by adding pixels to all of their digital assets. This enables Bauer to not only benefit from the most accurate, cross-device audience numbers available in the market, but to be the first publisher to deliver the results to media agencies for its entire inventory.

Roy Morgan is rolling out this new technology over the coming months so that all media owners and brand advertisers can benefit from the new system.

Nick Chan, Former COO of Seven West Media, says:

“I applaud Roy Morgan for its investment in the digital media industry and the desire to create the most accurate and actionable audience measurement data. Roy Morgan’s new audience measurement platform will offer advertisers the deepest understanding yet of inventory and advertising opportunities.”

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Roy Morgan is very pleased to be releasing this enhanced cross-device and cross-platform measure so that publishers, advertisers and agencies for the first time can reliably measure the overlap between mobile, desktop and tablet as well as the offline world of printed magazines and newspapers.”

For comments or more information, please contact:

Howard Seccombe
P: +61 434 602 386

Michele Levine
P: +61 411 129 093

About Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is the largest independent Australian research company, with offices throughout Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom. A full service research organisation specialising in omnibus and syndicated data, Roy Morgan has over 70 years’ experience in collecting objective, independent information on consumers.

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