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Career Wizard™ is a new aid to career selection

Roy Morgan Research and Career Wizard Pty Ltd have joined forces to develop an entirely different aid to help people make career choices. Launched today, Career Wizard™ answers the question, “What do people like me do for a living?”

Many tests attempt to match individuals and career options. What makes Career Wizard powerful and special is that it taps into a unique resource, Roy Morgan Single Source, to compare an individual’s attributes with those of people already working in different jobs and industries.

One of the keys to a satisfying career is working with likeminded people who share your ambitions, interests, and way of looking at the world. Career Wizard administers a range of 78 key questions related to life goals, attitudes, activities, education level, postcode and gender. Users are scored based on their responses, and these scores reveal how closely they match with others working in 96 occupations in 15 industries. Results are expressed by degree of similarity with the best-matching five careers and two industry types.

Roy Morgan’s database is the largest of its type in the world. Every week around 1000 mainly face-to-face interviews are conducted with a national cross-section of people aged 14 and over. A wide range of characteristics are measured covering demographics (including occupation), attitudes, activities and interests, media usage and purchasing habits. Self-administered diaries enable additional characteristics to be collected from a cross section of this group.

Respondents were clustered into 96 key ANZCO occupations and 15 industry types. By analysing three years of research into the defining attributes of 150,000 Australians, Career Wizard has uncovered which specific occupations and industries attract which types of people.


Michele Levine, CEO – Roy Morgan Research, says:

“This is the first time that we have applied our Single Source survey in this way. The education sector has been expanding rapidly and has recently undergone extensive structural reform. Adapting our deep data to provide a basis for assisting students to make more rational career choices is a useful contribution”  

“It should be noted that although Career Wizard provides a best fit, everyone is different. Circumstance and opportunity mean that not everyone follows their typical career or industry match. Career Wizard is not intended to be a prescriptive measure but an indicative guide that delivers a list of career options known to best match respondents’ answers across a range of attitudinal, activity and demographic questions.

“As an adjunct to the career list, Career Wizard also provides some salient data relevant to each career choice. Each of the nominated careers is accompanied by a job satisfaction score. In addition average annual income achieved by Australians aged under and over 30 years working full time in each nominated career is detailed.”

Jason Edwards, CEO – Career Wizard Pty Ltd, says:

“We are very excited to part of this unique initiative and to work with an organisation as prestigious as Roy Morgan Research.

“There are many tests out there that claim to help match individuals with careers and the courses needed to achieve them. None come close to Career Wizard in terms of innovation, authority and accuracy. 

“Career Wizardis a world first. It provides unique new insights into career and course selection. The main industry body ACPET has made Career Wizard a business partner to promote the tool to its members.”

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About Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is the largest independent Australian research company, with offices throughout Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom. A full service research organisation specialising in omnibus and syndicated data, Roy Morgan has over 70 years’ experience in collecting objective, independent information on consumers.

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