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Over a quarter of electors (27%) yet to make up their minds and election up for grabs

A special Roy Morgan SMS Poll conducted for the Australian Futures Project last week on April 17-18, 2019 with a cross-section of 1,546 electors shows 27% of electors are yet to make up their mind who they will vote for in next month’s Federal Election and 44% of them say no party is addressing the issues that matter to them.

Key demographics yet to make up their minds include 38% of Australians aged 25-34 years old and 33% of Queensland electors.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine highlighted that although the ALP remains the favourite, the large number of undecided voters means there could still be a turning point in the election campaign that costs the ALP victory:

"This is the probably first election that I’ve seen where you’ve really had some fundamental issues at war with each other. At this election what the electorate wants is they want a healthy economy, they want the environment cared for and the want the cost of living preserved or not ‘flying through the roof’. So these three things don’t sit naturally together. You can’t just have all of them. Where does the money come from? Somebody has to think about these things. 

"So they’re are really playing out in this election. We know from surveying people’s views about the environment and Climate change until 2008 and the Global Financial Crisis everyone was saying the environment was the most important issue for them. Then when the Financial Crisis came the issue became what are we going to do about it and who is going to pay. Now that issue is what’s being played out today."

Examples from the recent past include Liberal Leader John Hewson tripping up on the GST implications for the ‘famous birthday cake’ in 1993 and losing the election.

In 2001 then PM John Howard looked headed for defeat but came from behind over the ‘children overboard’ issue. Three years later Howard started the election campaign behind but when Opposition Leader Mark Latham ‘lost his temper’ with an aggressive handshake perceived as an attempt to ‘bully’ Howard this led to a swift backlash and another Howard victory.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's 'Electric car fiasco when a leader put on the spot didn't get the answer right could have been Bill Shorten's birthday cake moment'.

With nearly four weeks to go there is still time for the L-NP to gain the momentum required for victory. The interview with Levine was conducted before the latest Federal voting results shown above were available.

Click here to listen to the full 5min ABC NewsRadio interview.

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