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More than 8 million Australians renovated or redecorated last year Internet & magazines prove handy for home renovators

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2010 - September 2011 (n = 52,119).

According to the latest Roy Morgan Single Source data (October 2010 — September 2011), Australians aged 14+ years consider magazines and the internet to be the most useful media for information on products and purchasing in the home improvement/renovations category.

The home improvement category is a significant market, and features products/services for which consumers often undertake considerable research prior to product selection and purchase.

In the last year alone, nearly 6 million — or 32% of — Australians aged 14+ years reported making minor repairs/alterations around the home. Furthermore, 22% (nearly 4.2 million) painted inside or outside; whilst 17% (over 3.2 million) stated that they redecorated or refurbished their home in some way (e.g. curtains, carpet, wallpaper).


Home Improvement Activities: Done in the last 12 months; Intend to do in the next 12 months

: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2010 - September 2011 (n = 52,119).


In terms of total 000’s, the number of Australians 14+ undertaking home improvement activities (which comprises: minor repairs/alterations around the home, painting inside or outside, redecorating/refurbishing in some way, or spending over $5,000 on renovating/extending the home) has increased by 5% over the last 5 years; this market had a net total in excess of 8 million people in the 12 month period to September 2011.

‘Making minor repairs/alterations’ remains the most common activity, followed by painting inside/outside, and general redecorating/refurbishing.


Home Improvement Activities: Done in the last 12 months — 5 year trends

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2006 - September 2011 (n = 264,481).

* ‘Total home improvement activities’ comprises: made minor repairs/alterations, painted inside/outside, redecorated/refurbished in some way, &/ or spent over $5,000 renovating/extending the home.


In their search for ideas and information on home improvements and decorating products, consumers will often rely on the media channels that they deem to be the most useful in terms of supplying product / purchasing information for this category: internet, magazines and catalogues.


Media Most Useful: Home Improvements/Renovations, Home Interiors & Furnishings

Media Most Useful: Home Improvements/Renovations, Home Interiors & Furnishings

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2010 - September 2011 (n = 52,119).


The internet and magazines are perceived by consumers to be the most useful media for product information in the ‘Home Improvements/Renovations’ segment, whilst catalogues and magazines are the most widely nominated ‘media most useful’ in the ‘Home Interiors & Furnishings’ segment.  The proliferation of home improvement/decorating information that can be found online and in the various magazines dedicated to this subject certainly demonstrates consumers’ continuing demand for information on these subjects.

Although commonly considered a specialist or niche magazine category, the ‘home & garden’ genre is by no means small: e.g. Better Homes & Gardens boasts a readership that is in excess of 1.8 million, whilst Australian House & Garden reaches more than 700,000 readers.

George Pesutto, Industry Director — Media, Roy Morgan Research says:

“Home improvement continues to be an area of interest for many Australians. The data shows that, on balance, magazines still play one of the most important roles in providing information on home improvements and furniture & design, against all other forms of media. The number of magazine titles in this category alone is also an indication of how popular a subject this is.

“It’s also significant when you consider that some of the home & garden magazines actually have such sizeable readership as to rival that of mass magazine titles.

“Media brands in this space, such as ‘Better Homes & Gardens’, who can successfully communicate across multiple media channels — particularly magazines and internet — are well-placed to continue to be perceived by consumers as the most useful in terms of providing them with the information and advice they seek.

“The successful return of the ‘The Block’ in 2011, and the anticipation of another season next year, is also consistent with the growth that we see in the category.  This enduring consumer interest in home improvement bodes well for sustaining a continued and substantial demand for content from publishers and other providers in this category.

“Just as ‘Masterchef’ got more people cooking, it’s likely that ‘The Block’ has, and will, have a similar influence on the market, encouraging more of us to undertake home improvements &/or decorating projects.”