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Smaller Internet providers clear leaders in Customer Satisfaction

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (February - November 2009); n= 15,825

The latest Roy Morgan Internet Satisfaction data shows that the smaller providers, particularly Internode with 88.6%and iiNet with 87.1% are so far ahead of Telstra (66.6%) and Optus (78.7%).

In the six months to November 2009, 73.7% of internet customers were satisfied but this varies considerably between providers. This is marginally lower when compared to July 2009 74.2%.

Internode and iiNet, two of the smaller market players (with 2.3% and 4.5% market share respectively), performed best in terms of customer satisfaction, followed by TPG, Westnet and AAPT.

Since July 09, iiNet and AAPT showed improvement in their level of customer satisfaction, increasing by 7.3% and 8.8% points respectively.

Internet Customer Satisfaction, June — November 2009

“% Satisfied” is the proportion of all customers who are “very” or “fairly” satisfied with their overall service with that Internet service provider for their home or additional connection (on a five point scale).
Total industry figure excludes those who can’t say their provider.
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (February - November 2009); n= 15,825. Total gave Internet provider. n=10,929.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The clear leadership in customer satisfaction from the smaller players in this market, if maintained, could pose a major threat to the longer term strength of the two major players, Optus and Telstra.

“The gap that we see currently of over 20% points from the best performer to the market leader is higher than other service industries measured by Roy Morgan Research and as such is something in need of attention by those providers that trail substantially.”