Websites Measured


First Measured

2dayFM (Sydney 104.1)  (from Apr12)
2UE (Sydney 954)  (from Jan15)
3AW (Melbourne 693)  (from Jan15)
4BC (Brisbane 1116)  (from Jan15)
60 Minutes (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
929 (Perth 92.9)  (from Apr12)
A Current Affair (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
ABC iView  (from Jul10)
ABC News  (from Apr02)
ABC TV  (from Apr02)
AFL  (from Apr02)
AFL Fantasy  (from Jul11)
AFR Smart Investor  (from Jan06)
Agoda  (from Jul13)
Air New Zealand  (from Oct09)
Airbnb  (from Oct14)
airfaresflights  (from Jul11)
Aldi  (from Jul11)
Allrecipes  (from Apr08)
Amazon  (from Apr02)
American Express  (from Jul11)
ANZ  (from Apr02)  (from Jul11)
AskMen  (from Jul11)
Astrosurf/horoscopes (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
ASX  (from Jan04)  (from Jul11)
AusGamers  (from Jan05)
Australia Post  (from Jul11) (Tourism Australia)  (from Oct05)
Australian 4WD Action  (from Jul14)
Australian Catalogues  (from Jan13)
Australian Geographic  (from Jul14)
Australian JobSearch  (from Oct08)
Australian Women's Weekly (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
AutoWeb  (from Jan10)
b105 (Brisbane 105.3)  (from Apr12)
BabyCenter  (from Apr08)
Bankwest  (from Jul10)
BBC homepage (incl. other)  (from Jul13)
BBC News  (from Jul13)
BBC homepage (incl. News/other)  (from Jul10)
BBC Sport  (from Jan13)
Bendigo Bank  (from Jul10)
Best Recipes  (from Jan13)
Better Homes and Gardens  (from Apr02)
Big W  (from Jul11)
BigPond Email  (from Apr02)
BigPond Movies  (from Jan05)
bikesales  (from Jan13)
Bing Maps  (from Jul06)
Bing Search  (from Jul09)
boatsales  (from Jan13)
body+soul  (from Jul11)  (from Jul13)
Brisbane Times  (from Apr07)
BRW  (from Apr02)
Bunnings Warehouse  (from Jul11)
Bureau of Meteorology (bom)  (from Oct11)
Burke's Backyard  (from Apr02)
Business Spectator  (from Oct07)
BuzzFeed  (from Jul14)
Canberra Times  (from Jan13)
CarAdvice (from Jan12)
CarBuddy  (from Jul12)
CareerOne  (from Apr02)
CarPoint  (from Apr02)
carsales  (from Apr02)
CarsGuide  (from Apr04)
CarShowroom  (from Apr07)
Cartoon Network  (from Apr02)
Catalogue Central  (from Jan13)
CatchOftheDay  (from Jul11)
Celebrity Fix (ninemsn)  (from Apr08)
Centrelink  (from Oct11)
Channel 9 (ninemsn)  (from Jul06)
CitySearch  (from Apr02)
CNET Australia  (from Apr07)
Coles  (from Jul11)
Coles Shop Online  (from Jul10)
Commonwealth Bank  (from Apr02)
Cosmopolitan (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
Courier-Mail homepage (incl. other)  (from Jun02)
Courier-Mail Business  (from Jul11)
Courier-Mail Entertainment  (from Jul11)
Courier-Mail Money  (from Jul11)
Courier-Mail Sport  (from Jul11)
Courier-Mail Travel  (from Jul11)
Cricket Australia  (from Apr06)
Crikey  (from Feb05)
Cudo  (from Jul11)
Daily Mail (Australian edition)  (from Apr14)  (from Apr12)
David Jones  (from Jul13)
DealsDirect  (from Jul11)
Dell  (from Jul11)
Dick Smith  (from Jul11)
Dine msn (ninemsn)  (from Apr08)
Dolly (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
Domain  (from Apr02)
Donna Hay  (from Jul14)  (from Apr02)
EA Games  (from Jul11)
Eatability  (from Apr08)
eBay homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02)
eBay cars  (from Jan06)
eHarmony  (from Jul11)
Escape Travel  (from Jul11)
ESPN  (from Jan13)
ESPN cricinfo  (from Jan09)
ESPN FC  (from Jan09)
Essential Baby  (from Apr08)
Eureka Report  (from Oct07)
Expedia  (from Jan08)
ExplorOz (from Jan12)
Facebook  (from Nov06)
Famous  (from Apr07)
Financial Review (excl. Smart Investor)  (from Apr02)
Flickr  (from Oct12)
Flight Centre  (from Apr02)
Football Federation Australia  (from Oct13)
Footy Show - AFL (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
Footy Show - NRL (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
Fox FM (101.9) (Melbourne 101.9)  (from Apr12)
Fox Sports  (from Apr02)
Foxtel  (from Jul11)
Frankie  (from Jul14)
GameArena  (from Oct03)
Game Now  (from Jan13)
GameSpot AU  (from Apr07)
Getprice  (from Jan09)
Girlfriend  (from Apr02)
Gizmodo  (from Oct11)
Gmail  (from Jan06)  (from Jul09)
Good Food  (from Jan13)
Google Hangouts  (from Apr14)
Google Maps  (from Apr07)
Google News  (from Jan06)
Google Play Music  (from Jan15)
Google Play website  (from Jul14)
Google Search  (from Apr02)
Google+  (from Sep11)
Gourmet Traveller  (from Dec02)
GraysOnline  (from Jan06)
Greater Union / Event Cinemas  (from Oct03)
Groupon  (from Apr12)
Gumtree  (from Jan14)
Guvera  (from Jan15)
Harper's Bazaar  (from Apr07)
Harvey Norman  (from Jul11)
Healthy Food Guide  (from Jul14)
helloworld  (from Apr14)
Herald Sun homepage (incl. other)  (from Jun02)
Herald Sun Business Daily  (from Jul11)
Herald Sun Entertainment  (from Jul11)
Herald Sun Sport  (from Jul11)
Herald Sun Travel  (from Jul11)
Home and Away  (from Apr08)
Home Beautiful  (from Apr07)
HomeLife  (from Oct10)
homesales  (from Jan13)  (from Jul13)
Hotmail/Live/  (from Apr02)
House & Garden (ninemsn)  (from Jul14)
Hoyts  (from Oct03)
HP Australia  (from Jul11)
IGA  (from Jul11)  (from Apr05)
iHeartRadio  (from Oct14)
iiNet  (from Jul11)
Ikea  (from Jul11)
ING Direct  (from Jan06)
Instagram  (from Jan13)
InStyle  (from Jan13)
Intrepid Travel  (from Apr09)
InvestSmart  (from Jul11)
iTunes Radio  (from Oct14)
iTunes website  (from Jul11)
iVillage  (from Jul09)
JB Hi-Fi  (from Jul11)
Jetabroad  (from Jul11)
Jetstar  (from Apr04)
Jump-in (ninemsn)  (from Jan14)
Kidspot  (from Apr08)
Kmart  (from Jul11)
Kogan  (from Oct14)
Kotaku  (from Oct11)
Lasoo  (from Jan08)
Lastminute  (from Apr03)
League HQ  (from Jul09)
Lifehacker  (from Oct11)  (from Apr14)
LinkedIn  (from Jul10)
LinkMeJobs  (from Jul06)
Live4  (from Jan13)
Liveguide  (from Jan10)
LivingSocial  (from Jul11)
Lonely Planet  (from Apr09)
Mamamia  (from Oct11)
Marie Claire  (from Jul06)
Mashable Australia  (from Jan15)
MasterCard  (from Jul11)  (from Jan06)
Men's Fitness  (from Jul14)
Men's Health Australia  (from Apr07)
Microsoft  (from Jul11)
Mix (94.5) (Perth 94.5)  (from Apr12)
MOG Music  (from Jan13)
Money Manager  (from Apr02)
moshtix  (from Jan09)  (from Jan13)
Movie Fix (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
msn (not ninemsn)  (from Jan15)
Music Fix (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
my NRMA  (Jul04-Mar13, from Jul13)
my247  (from Jul11)
MyCareer  (from Apr02)
myDr  (from Apr12)
Myer  (from Jul11)
MyShopping  (from Apr08)
Myspace  (from Jan06)
nab (National Australia Bank)  (from Apr02)
National Geographic  (from Jul14)
need it now  (from Jan09)
New Daily  (from Jan14)
New Idea  (from Jul06)
Newcastle Herald  (from Jan13) homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02) Business  (from Oct05) Entertainment  (from Oct05) Money  (from Jul08) Technology  (from Jul08) Travel  (from Jan06)
Nine News (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
NW (ninemsn)  (from Apr02)
ninemsn Cricket (Baggy Green)  (from Apr02)
ninemsn DigiKnow  (from Jul11)
ninemsn Finance  (from Apr02)
ninemsn GamesFix  (from Jan05)
ninemsn Getaway  (from Apr02)
ninemsn Health & Wellbeing  (from Jan05)
ninemsn Homes  (from Jul11)
ninemsn Motoring  (from Apr10)
ninemsn Primped  (from Apr10)
ninemsn Recipes  (from Apr02)
ninemsn Shopping  (from Apr02)
ninemsn Travel  (from Apr07)
ninemsn Video  (from Jan06)
ninemsn Weather  (from Apr02)
ninemsn Wide World of Sports  (from Apr02)
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection  (from Apr08)
Nokia  (from Jul11)
Nova FM  (from Apr12)
NPS Medicine Wise  (from Apr12)  (from Jan04)
NRL Dream Team  (from Jul11)
NRMA  (from Oct13)
NSW Government  (from Jul11)
NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Services  (from Jul11)
Oasis Active  (from Jul11)
Officeworks  (from Jul11)
OK! Magazine  (from Jul14)
Open Road (NRMA magazine)  (from Jul04)
Optus  (from Apr11)
OzBargain  (from Jul11)
OzSale  (from Jul11)
Palace Cinemas  (from Jul12)
Pandora  (from Jul13)
PayPal  (from Jul11)
Perth Now homepage (incl. other)  (from Aug06)
Perth Now Business  (from Jul11)
Perth Now Entertainment  (from Jul11)
Perth Now Sport  (from Jul11)
Presto  (from Oct14)
Pinterest  (from Jan13)
PlayStation Network  (from Apr08)
Prevention  (from Jan10)
Price Dumper  (from Jul11)  (from Jan13)
Qantas  (from Apr02)
QLD Government  (from Jul11)
quickbeds  (from Jan05)
Quickflix  (from Oct14)
quicksales  (from Jan13)
Racing Network  (from Apr14)
RACV  (from Apr13)
Rdio  (from Jul13)
Reader's Digest Australia (from Jan12)
Real Footy  (from Apr02)
realcommercial  (from Jan13)  (from Apr02)
realestateview  (from Apr02)
RedBook  (from Jan04)
RSVP  (from Jan06)
Rugby Heaven  (from Apr02)
RuneScape  (from Apr08)
Hit 107 (was SA FM) (Adelaide 107.1)  (from Apr12)
SA Government  (from Jul11)
Samsung  (from Jul11)
SBS homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02)
SBS On Demand  (from Jul10)
Scoopon  (from Jul11)
Seek  (from Apr02)
Sensis Search  (from Jul04)
Showbiz  (from Oct13)
Sky News  (from Jan14)
Sky News Weather  (from Oct14)
Skype  (from Jul13)
Slashdot  (from Apr08)
SmartCompany  (from Jun09)
SMH homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02)
SMH BusinessDay  (from Jul06)
SMH Entertainment  (from Jul06)
SMH Life & Style  (from Apr07)
SMH Sport  (from Jul06)
SMH Technology  (from Oct08)
SMH Travel  (Jan06-Sep14)
Sony  (from Jul11)
SoundCloud  (from Oct14)
sourceforge  (from Apr08)
Sportal  (from Oct13)
Sporting Pulse  (from Jul11)
Sports Fan  (from Apr02)
Spotify  (from Jul13)
Spreets  (from Jul11)
St. George  (from Apr02)
stayz  (from Oct08)
storyful  (from Apr14)
Suncorp Bank  (from Jul10)
Sunlover Holidays  (from Apr13)
Sunrise  (from Jul06)
Super Food Ideas  (from Jul14)
SuperCoach - AFL  (from Jul11)
SuperCoach - NRL  (from Jul11)
Swellnet  (from Apr08)
Target  (from Jul11)  (from Oct07)
Telstra  (from Apr11)
Ten Eyewitness News (TENplay)  (from Apr14)
TENplay (Channel Ten) homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02)
TENplay My TV  (from Jul10)
The Advertiser (was Adelaide Now) homepage (incl. other)  (from Jun02)
The Advertiser (was Adelaide Now) Entertainment  (from Jul11)
The Advertiser (was Adelaide Now) Sport  (from Jul11)
The Age homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02)
The Age BusinessDay  (from Jul06)
The Age Entertainment  (from Jul06)
The Age Life & Style  (from Apr07)
The Age Sport  (from Jul06)
The Age Technology  (from Oct08)
The Age Travel  (Jan06-Sep14)
The Australian homepage (incl. other)  (from Jun02)
The Australian Business  (from Oct09)
The Australian IT  (from Jun02)
The Bub Hub  (from Apr08)
The Fix (ninemsn)  (Apr08-Dec12, from Apr13)
The Glow  (from Jan15)
The Guardian (Australian edition)  (from Jul13)
The Iconic  (from Jan13)
The Mercury  (from Jun02)
The Monthly  (from Aug09)  (from Jul14)
The Telegraph homepage (incl. other)  (from Jun02)
The Telegraph Entertainment  (from Jul11)
The Telegraph Sport  (from Jul11)
The Vine  (from Jul09)
The World Game  (from Apr08)
thewest (The West Australian)  (from Apr02)
Ticketek  (from Apr08)
Ticketmaster  (from Apr08)
Tigerair/Tiger Airways  (from Oct07)
Time  (from Jan13)
Today Show  (from Apr07)
Today Tonight  (from Jul06)
Top Gear  (from Jul10)
TPG  (from Jul11)
Trading Post homepage (incl. other)  (from Apr02)
Trading Post Automotive  (from Apr04)
Trading Room  (from Apr02)  (from Apr02)
Traveller  (from Oct14)
tripadvisor  (from Apr08)
Triple M  (from Apr12)
trucksales  (from Jan13)
True Local  (from Apr06)
Tumblr  (from Apr13)  (from Jan13)
TV Fix (ninemsn)  (Apr08-Mar13, from Jan14)
Twitter  (from Jun09)
Uber  (from Oct14)
V8 Supercars  (from Apr06)
VIC Government  (from Jul11)
Vic Roads  (from Jul11)
Village Cinemas  (from Oct03)
Virgin Australia  (from Apr02)
Virginmobile  (from Apr11)
Virtual Medical Centre  (from Apr12)
Visa  (from Jul11)
Vodafone  (from Apr11)
Vogue Australia  (from Jan06)
WA Government  (from Jul11)
WA Today  (from Jul08)  (from Apr06)
Weatherzone  (from Jul06)
Webjet  (from Jan06)
Weekly Times Now  (from Jan13)
Westfield  (from Jul09)
Westpac  (from Apr02)
Whereis  (from Apr02)
White Pages  (from Apr02)
Who  (from Apr08)
Wikipedia  (from Jan06)
WildTangent Games  (from Jul12)
Woman's Day (ninemsn)  (from Jul05)
Women's Health  (from Jan10)
Women's Health & Fitness  (from Jul14)
Woolworths  (from Jul11)
Woolworths Shop Online  (from Jul11)
WordPress (from Jan12)
wotif  (from Apr03)
wotif flights  (from Apr10)
Xbox Live  (from Apr08)
Yahoo!7 Answers  (from Apr07)
Yahoo!7 carsales  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Finance  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Games  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Groups  (from Apr07)
Yahoo!7 Lifestyle  (from Apr07)
Yahoo!7 Mail  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Messenger  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 News  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 realestate  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Search  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Shopping  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Sport  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 the Movies hype  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 the Music hype  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 Total Travel  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 TV  (from Apr02)
Yahoo!7 TV Guide  (from Apr07)
Yahoo!7 TV Plus 7  (from Jul10)
Yahoo!7 Video  (from Apr08)
Yellow Pages  (from Apr02)
YouTube  (from Nov06)
ZDNet  (from Jan13)
zuji  (from Apr03)