Two Party Preferred

ALP 46% down 2.5%
L-NP 54% up 2.5%
August 8/9 & 15/16, 2020

Voting Intention

ALP 32.5
L-NP 46
Greens 11.0
Ind 10.5
August 8/9 & 15/16, 2020

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence (Weekly - Sept. 12/13, 2020)

92.4 +1.3

Unemployment (Monthly - August 2020)

13.8 +1.3

Business Confidence (Monthly - August 2020)

83.1 -1.2

Inflation Expectations (Monthly - July 2020)

3.4 +0.2

Latest Morgan Poll Releases

Only 42% of Victorians rate the Victorian Police highly for their ethics and honesty

The fourth Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey on Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions shows  only 42% of Victorians rate the Victorian Police either ‘Very high’ (11%) or ‘High’ (31%) for honesty and ethical standards. 25% rate the Police either ‘Low’ (13%) or ‘Very low’ (12%). A further 33% are in the middle and award the Police an Average rating for ethics and honesty.

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The third Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey on Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions shows 70% approval of Premier Daniel Andrews. However, a large majority (76%) of Victorians say the Victorian Government should provide compensation to all small businesses in Victoria forced to close by the Victorian Government’s COVID restrictions - only 24% say they should not.

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Melbourne residents now evenly divided on visiting family

A second Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey on six of Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions shows more Victorians than a week ago favour relaxing restrictions and Melbourne people are now evenly divided 50:50 on whether Melburnians should be able to visit the homes of immediate family members.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

August 8/9 & 15/16, 2020 Party

Confidence Ratings

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