Two Party Preferred

ALP 49.7% up 3.2%
L-NP 50.3% down 3.2%
Federal Election - July 2, 2016

Voting Intention

ALP 34.7
L-NP 42.0
Greens 10.2
Ind 13.1
Federal Election - July 2, 2016

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence

112.4 -1.4


9.1 -1.1

Business Confidence

113.2 -1.2

Inflation Expectations

4.4 -0.1

Latest Morgan Poll Releases

Australians don’t want the Adani mine

As reported on Monday night by Michele Levine on ABCTV’s Q&A a special Roy Morgan Snap SMS Survey taken last weekend finds the majority of Australians (53.5%) do not think ‘the Adani mine should go ahead’. Only 16% that say the Adani mine should go ahead while a further 30.5% either haven’t heard of the Adani mine or didn’t indicate a preference for whether it should go ahead or not.

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New Zealanders say the DPRK will use a nuclear weapon

A special Roy Morgan SMS Survey taken in late September, after the New Zealand Election, shows a majority (58%) of New Zealanders saying it is either ‘Very likely’ (19%) or ‘Fairly likely’ (39%) that North Korea will use a nuclear weapon compared to 42% that say it is ‘Fairly unlikely’ (31%) or ‘Very unlikely’ (11%).

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Australians divided on North Korea and nuclear weapons

A special snap SMS Morgan Poll taken last night before today’s North Korean ballistic missile test shows Australians are evenly split on whether North Korea will use a nuclear weapon with 51% saying it is either ‘Fairly unlikely’ (33%) or ‘Very unlikely’ (18%) cf. 49% that say it is ‘Fairly likely’ (33%) or ‘Very likely’ (16%).

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Poverty, gap between rich & poor and Housing affordability, Housing shortage & Homelessness key issues as New Zealand votes in Election

Only a week before New Zealand's Election which according to today's Roy Morgan New Zealand poll is on a knife's edge marginally favouring a Labour/Greens coalition, the key Issues are again Poverty and the gap between rich & poor, House prices & Housing affordability and Housing shortages & Homelessness.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Federal Election - July 2, 2016. 14,262,016 electors Party

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