Ad Tracker

What spot’s hot and what spot’s not

Backed by the power of Single Source, AdTracking provides both continuous tracking and point-in-time tracking:

  • Continuous tracking (weekly, monthly, quarterly) provides ongoing feedback on overall brand health metrics (eg: brand awareness, ad awareness), campaign effectiveness and the contribution of each campaign element.
  • Point-in-time tracking can be an optional add-on module to a continuous tracking project or it can be an extremely cost-effective stand-alone option.  Using recognition techniques (such as recognition of de-branded stills from a TVC, online ad or print ad), we are able to established claimed reach and frequency of past exposure, along with branding, message, persuasion, etc. Analysis of results by frequency of past exposure provides an indication of likely future performance of the campaign.

AdTracker is most cost-effective when multiple advertisers within an industry share the research start-up expenditures and currency data. Each advertiser then receives individual results and supplementary, discrete brand diagnostic metrics.