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We’re all going on a soccer holiday

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2013 – March 2014 (n=17,773). World Cup viewers n = 2,836; Soccer players: n = 902
There’s no denying it: the country is in the grip of World Cup fever. And if you’re one of the 3,494,000 Australians who tune in to watch FIFA World Cup soccer on TV, you’re probably feeling a bit sleep deprived. You might even be wishing you were in Brazil, experiencing the excitement first hand. In fact, World Cup viewers are far more likely than the average Aussie to want to take a holiday in that part of the world in the next two years.  

Some folks like taking overseas holidays in the lands of their ancestors, others go where the natural wonders are, while others travel with the intention of shopping til they drop. But the latest data from Roy Morgan Research suggests that people who watch soccer on TV and/or play it themselves would like to travel to countries and regions famed for their soccer talents.

Counting players like Maradona, Messi, Pele, Neymar Jr, Hugo Sanchez and Diego Forlán among its illustrious ranks, Latin America is practically an incubator for soccer superstars. Little surprise, then, that World Cup viewers are 62% more likely than the average Australian to name Mexico, Central and South America as a preferred holiday destination, and people who play soccer are 65% more likely.

Where soccer fans would like to holiday in the next 2 years vs population average

soccer-holidaySource: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2013 – March 2014 (n=17,773). World Cup viewers n = 2,836; Soccer players: n = 902

Three-time World Cup winning nation Germany is also more popular among Australia’s soccer fans than the general population, with World Cup viewers being 70% more likely and soccer players 117% more likely to want to visit the land that gave us Uwe Seeler and Miroslav Klose.

Home to footballing greats such as Xavi, Raúl, Iniesta, Cristián Ronaldo, Luís Figo and Eusebio, the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) is another destination favoured by World Cup viewers (96% more likely than the average Aussie) and soccer players (71% likelier).

Super-fans: when World Cup viewers also play soccer

Almost a quarter of people who watch the World Cup on TV also play the beautiful game themselves. Predictably, this group also come in well above average when it comes to a preference for holidays in destinations famed for their soccer pedigree. These super-fans are:

  • 86% more likely than the average Australian to name Mexico, Central and South America as a preferred holiday destination
  • 133% more likely to want to holiday in Spain/Portugal
  • 177% more likely to want to take a holiday in Germany!

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“With 18% of Australians aged 14+ saying they watch the World Cup on TV, it’s a fair bet to say that many of us were glued to the TV set on Saturday morning to see the Socceroos take on Chile in Cuiaba. Indeed, judging by the crowd shots during the telecast, there are plenty of Aussies in Brazil at the moment, cheering the Socceroos on. 

“This fits with the latest findings from Roy Morgan, which show that World Cup fans and Australians who play soccer themselves are more likely than the general population to want to take a holiday in Latin America. They’re also likelier to name famous footballing nations like Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal as preferred holiday destinations.

“Travel is a very subjective thing, with a traveller’s personal interests often influencing where they’d like to take a holiday. For soccer enthusiasts, the possibilities are endless: whether it’s Barcelona to attend a match at Camp Nou, Rosario (Argentina) to worship at the Church of Maradona, or indeed Brazil for the FIFA World Cup…”

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