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Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards: 2015’s Banking and Finance heroes

Last night’s annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards ended on a high note, with the announcement of the 2015 Banking and Finance category winners.

Last night’s annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards ended on a high note, with the announcement of the 2015 Banking and Finance category winners. Continued low interest rates throughout the year ensured that Australian banks reaped the rewards with record customer satisfaction levels.

First-time winner of Bank of the Year, Teacher’s Mutual Bank, topped the field for eight of the 12 months in 2015, with customer satisfaction levels hovering around the 95% mark. Commonwealth Bank once again outdid its big four rivals to take out Major Bank of the Year, while Customer Satisfaction repeat performer, Greater Building Society, won the newly merged Building Society/Credit Union of the Year category.

First-time winner RACT (General Insurer of the Year) trounced its rivals after 12 successive months in top spot, while Asgard (Retail Super Fund of the Year) also enjoyed its first-ever triumph. 

Repeat winners Real Insurance (Risk & Life Insurer of the Year) and Teachers Health Fund (Private Health Insurer of the Year) both reclaimed their crowns from last year’s winners, and ESSSuper (Industry Super Fund of the Year) made it look easy, with their third win in a row.

Finance Customer Satisfaction Award winners for 2015

Bank of the Year

Teachers Mutual Bank

Major Bank of the Year

Commonwealth Bank

Building Society / Credit Union of the Year

Greater Building Society

General Insurer of the Year


Private Health Insurer of the Year

Teachers Health Fund

Risk & Life Insurer of the Year

Real Insurance

Retail Super Fund of the Year


Industry Super Fund of the Year

ESS Super

 Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Ongoing low home-loan rates continue to boost banking satisfaction, with the smaller banks in particular achieving some truly impressive customer satisfaction scores in 2015. Even the big four have shown improvement, with satisfaction levels closer than they’ve ever been. Of course, this doesn’t mean that competition has slackened off: on the contrary, financial institutions must make an extra effort to stand out from the pack and ensure their customers don’t feel taken for granted. Our winners for 2015 obviously understand this, and are setting the bar high for the industry.

“Keeping the consumer front and centre has also proven a winning strategy for our superannuation and insurance champions, whose efforts have been recognised by their customers.

“The banking and finance industry can provoke strong (and not always positive) reactions from its consumers, but this year’s Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award-winners are living proof that good will always triumph in the end!”

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