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Roy Morgan Electorate Report shows Marginal Electorate Link to Health

Source: Roy Morgan Research January 2008 – December 2009. Australian Electors n = 35,915.

Is the state of Australia's health system considered an important issue in your electorate?

An estimated 1.23 million electors say improving health and hospitals is an important issue and that the L-NP would be better for managing the issue.

While this represents around 8.9% of all electors nationwide, there is enormous variation — and is much higher in some important marginal ALP seats, like Robertson, NSW (14.7%); Braddon, Tas (14.0%); Dawson, QLD (13.0%); Hasluck, WA (12.6%); and Page, NSW (12.3%) and Bass, Tas (11.7%).


Electorate Profiles

In addition to Roy Morgan standard Profile contents, electorate profiles also include the most important political issues rated by electors in each electorate and which political party or parties’ electors believe are better for the each of the issues.

Issues include:

1. Reducing taxes. 2. Reducing crime and maintaining law and order. 3. Improving business. 4. Reducing unemployment. 5. Looking after the environment. 6. Open and honest government. 7. The needs of people outside cities. 8. Managing the economy. 9. Improving education. 10. Improving health services and hospitals. 11. Defence and national security. 12. Australia’s ageing population. 13. The needs of families. 14. Global warming. 15. Fair workplace and employment regulations.


Roy Morgan Electorate Report shows Marginal Electorate Link to Health

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