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New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
Electors were asked: “If a New Zealand Election were held today which party would receive your party vote?” This latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted by telephone – both landline and mobile telephone, with a NZ wide cross-section of 866 electors from May 4-17, 2015. Of all electors surveyed 5% (up 1%) didn’t name a party.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating - May 2015 - 123.9

ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

The economy still has a ticket to ride; consumer confidence is down, but the level remains very respectable and healthy. We can see signs of moderation across the indicators we track, but it’s drawing a long bow to conclude something ominous is around the corner. The risk profile is shifting but solid GDP growth remains on offer as a central view, and consumer sentiment is reasonably perky. Let it be.
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AdNews delegates React to Geico YouTube trickery

We wanted to know if this ad really has the power to hold the viewer’s attention beyond those first, critical 5 seconds. So the delegates gave their reactions via the Roy Morgan Mobile Reactor app as the ad was played in real time.
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Home-brand products have a way to go with grocery buyers

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January– December 2014 (n=12,629). Base: main grocery buyers 14+. NB: Total Coles = Coles, Coles Express and Coles Online; Total Woolworths/Safeway includes Online and +Plus Petrol.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan China Consumer Confidence Rating - May 2015 - 144.0

ANZ-Roy Morgan China Consumer Confidence Fell to Record Low

The ANZ-Roy Morgan China Consumer Confidence survey elicits respondents' expectations of inflation and prices. Data in May was collected from a sample of 1,000 Chinese aged 14+ (12,000 per annum) by telephone. The survey is conducted in metropolitan and outer urban areas - not only are 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tier cities included, but Tier 4 cities are also surveyed every month. The robust, representative sample is stratified geographically, with quotas controlled by gender and age.
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