Today 26% of Australian businesses have been affected by bushfires - Australia needs to support businesses in the Accommodation and Food services industries with Visitors and Tourists


Market Research : Finding No: 8258

In total over a quarter (26%) of Australian businesses have been affected either ‘A great deal’ (7%), ‘Somewhat’ (10%) or ‘A little’ (9%) by the bushfires. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of businesses have been unaffected by the bushfires according to a special Roy Morgan Snap SMS Survey of 1,308 Australian businesses this week.

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ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence rises to 108.3

Economic : Finding No: 8261

Confidence continued with its forward march, gaining 0.9% last week. This takes it back to where it was in mid-December. The financial and economic sub-indices were mixed, while the ‘Time to buy a household item’ strengthened solidly.

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Business Confidence ended 2019 at 8 month low of 104.5

Business Confidence ended 2019 at an eight-month low of 104.5

Economic : Finding No: 8238

In December 2019 Roy Morgan Business Confidence dropped 3.9pts (-3.6%) to an eight-month low of 104.5. Declining sentiment about the performance of the Australian economy over the next year and the next five years drove the fall.
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Under-employment up in December

Economic : Finding No: 8245

In December over 1.2 million Australians were unemployed (8.7% of the workforce), with an additional 1.38 million (9.9% of the workforce) now under-employed.

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The Athlete’s Foot satisfied 84% of its customers

Over 1.5 million of Australians shop for shoes each month. Customers of The Athlete’s Foot are the most satisfied

Market Research : Finding No: 8242

New Roy Morgan customer satisfaction shows The Athlete’s Foot as the Shoe Store of the Month for November with a rating of 84%. Since winning its first satisfaction award for 2019 in May, The Athlete’s Foot has gone on to win seven straight monthly awards.
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Singapore Airlines rises into first position for customer satisfaction

Market Research : Finding No: 8253

New Roy Morgan customer satisfaction data shows Emirates is the winner of the International Airline of the Month Award for August 2019, with a customer satisfaction rating of 86%. Locally based airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia placed sixth and seventh, respectively.
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People’s Choice Credit Union - 95% customer satisfaction – highest satisfaction score in the general insurance category

People’s Choice Credit Union - 95% customer satisfaction – highest satisfaction score in the general insurance category

Market Research : Finding No: 8252

Roy Morgan has released new customer satisfaction data showing People’s Choice Credit Union has won the General Insurer of the Month Award for November 2019, with a leading satisfaction rating of 95%. This is the second consecutive monthly award for People’s Choice Credit Union, replicating its achievement of the year’s highest satisfaction score.
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Emirates still top brand associated with Melbourne Cup

Emirates still top brand associated with Melbourne Cup

Market Research : Finding No: 8223

Emirates is still the top brand associated with the Melbourne Cup, two years after the Dubai-based airline ended its naming rights sponsorship of Australia’s most watched horse race.
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Woolworths Group takes the largest cut of fresh meat market

Foodland maintains customer satisfaction ratings lead

Market Research : Finding No: 8234

The latest Roy Morgan Fresh Food and Grocery Report shows that Woolworths Group has the largest share of the fresh meat market, taking 27.5% of the more than $13 billion spent on fresh meat in Australia each year. Woolworths Group also enjoys the highest number of customers, with 42.7% of meat buyers having recently purchased from its stores.
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Price expectations much higher for Australia’s unemployed

Economic : Finding No: 8239

Australians as a whole expect prices to increase by 3.9% annually over the next two years, according to Roy Morgan surveys conducted in November. This is slightly below (0.2%) public view on price movements in October, and down to a greater degree (0.4%) on expectations a year earlier.
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Women closing the superannuation gap

October 12 2018

New research from Roy Morgan shows that over the last decade, women have closed the gap considerably to men on superannuation, both for ownership levels and average balances. In 2008 only 57.4% of females had superannuation, compared to males with 66...

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Wonder Woman top superhero for Young Australians

September 24 2018

Wonder Woman is now the favourite superhero for Australian kids. An estimated 368,000 kids aged 6-13 years old in the year to June 2018 pick Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero flying ahead of former leader Batman on 303,000 new research fro...

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Wonder Woman on top and Captain Marvel one to watch

March 07 2019

Wonder Woman is again Australia’s favourite superhero for kids aged 6-13 years old. An estimated 394,000 Aussie kids picked Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero in the year to December 2018, up a stunning 137,000 from a year ago. W...

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