National (48%) holds its lead over Labour/ Greens (39%) as ‘Dirty Politics’ revelations provide a new challenge for PM John Key’s leadership. NZ First surge to 6.5% - highest support since September 2013.

Prime Minister John Key and Opposition Leader David Cunliffe

Political : Finding No: 5747

Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows gain in support for National (48%, up 2%) now with a significant lead over a potential Labour/Greens alliance (39%, down 3%) exactly a month before the New Zealand Election on September 20.

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ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rebounds; Back to Long-Run Average Levels

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence - August 19, 2014 - 112.5

Economic : Finding No: 5740

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence rebounded 3.7% to 112.5 in the week ending August 17 to be just below long-run average levels. This follows a sharp 5.7% fall the previous week which likely reflected negative newsflow surrounding the spike in the reported unemployment rate, share market losses, and heightened geopolitical tensions.

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More Australian holiday-makers choosing to cruise

Market Research : Finding No: 5737

Contemporary cruise holidays cater to all kinds of travellers – not just golden oldies or partying singles. The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research show the number of Aussies taking cruise holidays is on the rise.

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Audience Dollar Value*: Roy Morgan launches new media buying and planning metric

Market Research : Finding No: 5732

Roy Morgan Research today announces the release of a ground-breaking set of metrics that calculate the Audience Dollar Value* of newspapers, magazines, television shows and channels, radio stations and websites across a range of consumer and business expenditure categories.

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Australian Business Confidence rebounds in July

August 11 2014

The main reason for the improvement in confidence in July was the increase in the proportion of businesses feeling that economic conditions in Australia would improve over the next year and five years. This is now back to pre-Budget levels.

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