ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence up to 115.3

Economic : Finding No: 7923

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence has bounced back, rising 1.9% last week. This reaffirms our prognosis that the post Budget dip in consumer confidence was likely noise.
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Rise in vegetarianism not halting the march of obesity

Rise in vegetarianism not halting the march of obesity

Market Research : Finding No: 7944

Nearly 2.5 million Australians (12.1% of the population) now have diets of which the food is all, or almost all, vegetarian, up from under 2.2 million (11.2%) four years ago in 2014.
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Fewer Australians gambling

Fewer Australians gambling

Market Research : Finding No: 7941

New data shows that over the last decade there has been a large drop in the proportion of Australians (18+) that gamble. A decade ago (December 2008), nearly two thirds of the population 18+ (64.7% or 10.5 million) gambled in an average three months, this has now fallen in December 2018 to only 47.9% or 9.3 million. This downward trend has continued over the last year, falling from December 2017, which showed that 50.1% of Australians or 9.5 million gambled in an average three months.
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Australia’s personal wealth declines

Australia’s personal wealth declines

Market Research : Finding No: 7935

In the December quarter 2018, the gross personal wealth (assets) of Australians including owner occupied homes, stood at $9,784 billion. This represents a drop of $512 billion or 5.0% from the September quarter when it was $10,296 billion and is now at the lowest level recorded throughout 2018. Net wealth (after debt) has also decreased by 4.3% from $8,993 billion to $8,608 billion.

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Online grocery shoppers are a small but lucrative market

Market Research : Finding No: 7945

Australians who shop for groceries online are far more lucrative customers than those who shop in-store at Australia’s two major supermarkets although the market remains a small one.

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Apple TV+ targets market of over 17 million Aussies

Apple TV+ targets market of over 17 million Aussies

Market Research : Finding No: 7938

Apple’s new streaming TV service set to be known as “Apple TV+” is debuting later this year into a crowded, and growing, streaming TV market in Australia. The potential market for Apple TV+ is huge. Over 17 million (83.4% of Australians 14+) currently access streaming video services or own Apple-branded devices capable of accessing streaming video devices.
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Women closing the superannuation gap

October 12 2018

New research from Roy Morgan shows that over the last decade, women have closed the gap considerably to men on superannuation, both for ownership levels and average balances. In 2008 only 57.4% of females had superannuation, compared to males with 66...

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Wonder Woman top superhero for Young Australians

September 24 2018

Wonder Woman is now the favourite superhero for Australian kids. An estimated 368,000 kids aged 6-13 years old in the year to June 2018 pick Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero flying ahead of former leader Batman on 303,000 new research fro...

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