Thinking pink: the purchasing power of gay Aussies


Market Research : Finding No: 6866

High-profile campaigns such as the ANZ’s LGBTI-inspired GAYTMs for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras show that big business recognises the importance of the pink dollar – and our latest findings suggest that everyday retailers should too.
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Sharp rise in Australian kids worried about terrorism

Market Research : Finding No: 6869

The proportion of Australian children who report being worried about terrorism rose sharply last year in the wake of the Sydney siege in mid-December 2014, Roy Morgan Research shows.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence remains upbeat despite 'Brexit' jitters - now at 116.8

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence Rating - June 28, 2016

Economic : Finding No: 6870

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence declined 1.7% this week to 116.8, only partially offsetting the rise the previous week. Despite the turmoil in global financial markets – driven by the surprise result in the UK referendum – households remain optimistic about their finances and the economic outlook.
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Tennis viewers a valuable audience for advertisers


Market Research : Finding No: 6867

Wimbledon is here again, and for many Australian tennis fans, that means a fortnight of heavy TV viewing. And for brands advertising during the Wimbledon broadcast, that means a great time to catch the attention of some valuable consumers…
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TNS and Opinium (& Boris Johnson) big winners out of UK’s ‘Brexit’ Referendum

Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom

Media : Finding No: 6868

The majority of pollsters predicting the result of the UK’s referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Union or leave the EU got the result wrong with their final polls released in the week before Thursday’s referendum. The final result shows 51.9% of Britons opted to leave the EU compared to 48.1% that wanted to remain in the EU. This was a close result, but of the six polls released on the day before the referendum only two correctly predicted the majority of Britons would vote for so-called ‘Brexit’.

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Consumer satisfaction with big four banks down marginally in May


Market Research : Finding No: 6861

The satisfaction level of the big four bank’s personal customers in the six months to May 2016 was 80.1%, down slightly from April. This decline was due to non-home customers being down, whereas home-loan customers were up by a fraction.
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‘Honest Government’ and ‘Managing the Economy’ the biggest issues in Higgins, Indi, Mayo & Menzies

Qualitative Research look at Higgins, Indi, Mayo & Menzies

Political : Finding No: 6862

'Honest Government’ and ‘Managing the Economy’ are regarded as the key issues for electors in the four key seats of Higgins, Indi, Mayo and Menzies two weeks before Australians vote in this year’s Federal Election according to a special Roy Morgan ‘issues’ survey. In total a cross-section of 308 electors were surveyed across these four seats over the last weekend.
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