Business Confidence plunges in May – down 9.1% to 111.9 following Federal Budget and Election uncertainty

Roy Morgan Business Confidence - May 2016 - 111.9

Economic : Finding No: 6828

Roy Morgan Research’s Business Confidence fell in May (down 9.1% to 111.9) and is now at its lowest since a 2016 low of 110.6 in January. The fall in Business Confidence comes even after a slight improvement on the Australian share-market in May – the All Ordinaries closed yesterday at 5,361.90 (up 0.9% or 45.90pts from April 29, 2016).

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Holiday in one: the preferred destinations of Aussie golfers


Market Research : Finding No: 6826

Not only do nearly 2 million Australians play golf either regularly or occasionally, but they tend to be from the better-off end of the socio-economic spectrum and more likely to go on holiday than the average Aussie. We reveal which domestic destinations hold special appeal for the country’s aspiring Greg Normans and Karrie Webbs…
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Consumer satisfaction with big four banks improves in April


Market Research : Finding No: 6819

The good news? Satisfaction levels of the big four banks’ personal customers are up in April, after three months of declines. The bad news? Dissatisfied banking customers have a whole lot of reasons why they're unhappy and banks need to pay attention.
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Don’t call me nanna: the ‘Advanced Style’ phenomenon


Market Research : Finding No: 6824

With flamboyant nonagenarian Iris Apfel as its poster girl, and high-profile proponents such as Anna Wintour and our own Jenny Kee, the ‘advanced style’ movement has inspired women around the world, including Australia.
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Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards: a different perspective


Market Research : Finding No: 6825

This month, rather than reporting all 32 winners by category, we are taking a more holistic view and comparing the customer satisfaction results of April’s 20 highest-scoring businesses. And it makes for very interesting reading...
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence creeps higher - up 0.6pts to 115.7

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence Rating - May 24, 2016 - 115.7

Economic : Finding No: 6820

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence added to recent gains, rising 0.5% this week to 115.7, to be 3.6% higher over the past four weeks. This increase likely reflects several factors including last week’s jobs report (which confirmed healthy conditions in the labour market), strong auction clearance rates, the positive impact from the RBA rate cut three weeks ago, and ongoing gains in equity markets since early April.
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National and Labour vote up in May but NZ First still holds the balance of power position despite vote falling

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters

Political : Finding No: 6816

During May support for National rose 3% to 45.5%, now ahead of a potential Labour/Greens alliance 41.5% (up 1%). If a New Zealand Election were held now the latest NZ Roy Morgan Poll shows NZ First 9.5% (even though down 3% still NZ First’s second highest level of support in twenty years) would be in a position to determine who would form the next New Zealand Government.

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Economic Issues the key to the Federal Election

Most Important Problems facing Australia - May 2016

Social : Finding No: 6798

In May 2016, less than two months before this year’s Federal Election, 42% of Australians believe Economic Issues are the most important set of problems facing Australia. This is up 4% since October 2015; and way ahead of Social and Environmental Issues. On the World front, concerns about Terrorism & War (23%) have now been surpassed by Environmental Issues (25%) and Economic concerns (24%).
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Will proposed super changes impact L-NP vote?

May 17 2016

The proposed superannuation changes in the Federal Budget target those with large superannuation balances and high incomes. This has generated considerable negative publicity, and superannuation has now become a big election issue that could influenc...

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