Entertainment & Sports Sponsorship Gains World-First Audience Technology

Market Research : Finding No: 7734

TEG Analytics and Roy Morgan today announced the launch of Genome Audience Planner, a next generation sponsorship planning and optimisation platform that provides the fastest and simplest way for advertisers to identify, reach and measure new sponsorship opportunities across the live sport and entertainment sector.

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Wonder Woman top superhero for Young Australians

Wonder Woman top superhero for Young Australians

Market Research : Finding No: 7737

Wonder Woman is now the favourite superhero for Australian kids. An estimated 368,000 kids aged 6-13 years old in the year to June 2018 pick Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero flying ahead of former leader Batman on 303,000 new research from Roy Morgan reveals.
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Fintechs outpacing banks in digital payments

Fintechs outpacing banks in digital payments

Market Research : Finding No: 7735

The digital payments market is experiencing rapid disruption, with non-bank contactless/cardless mobile payment systems now being used by more Australians (6.5%) than bank-owned solutions (6.4%) according to the newly released Roy Morgan Digital Payment Solutions Currency Report.
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Wealth inequality in Australia is getting worse

Market Research : Finding No: 7733

Net wealth has grown strongly in Australia, but the big gains have been among the wealthiest 10%, with the poorest 50 per cent of Australians slipping from a 3.9% share of private wealth 10 years ago to 3.7% in 2017.

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Inflation Expectations for employed Australians lower than a year ago

Australian Inflation Expectations - August 2018 - 4.3%

Economic : Finding No: 7731

In August Australians expected inflation of 4.3% per year over the next two years. This is unchanged on a month ago, but down 0.2% from a year ago in August 2017. Inflation Expectations have now tracked in a narrow range between 4.3-4.5% for 14 straight months since July 2017.

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90% of Australians want a National Crimes Authority established

Political : Finding No: 7736

Its official an overwhelming majority of Australians (90%) say the Federal Government should establish a National Crimes Authority to investigate Federal Government, union and private sector corruption according to a special SMS Morgan Poll.

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Australian wealth growing faster than debt

Market Research : Finding No: 7732

The value of assets held by Australians continues to grow faster than debts, resulting in average per capita net wealth being 30.5% higher in 2017 than it was in 2007 in inflation adjusted terms.

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ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence bounces to 118.0

Economic : Finding No: 7693

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence bounced 1.5% last week, more than reversing the prior week’s 1.3% fall. Slight falls in sentiment towards future finances and current economic conditions were offset by solid improvements in views towards the remaining sub-indices.

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Brisbane Broncos hold off ‘Storm surge’ to lead again for NRL support

Brisbane Broncos hold off ‘Storm surge’ to lead again for NRL support

Market Research : Finding No: 7725

The Brisbane Broncos have again ‘won’ the annual Roy Morgan NRL supporter ladder with 1.09 million supporters (up 6.5 per cent on a year ago) ahead of a surging Melbourne Storm which increased its support by an impressive 26.7 per cent to 1.05 million supporters.
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Nine Network (+ Stan) will close gap on Seven Network

Nine Network (+ Stan) will close gap on Seven Network

Market Research : Finding No: 7729

Nine Entertainment’s merger with Fairfax Media will bring together two of Australia’s leading media companies when completed. Combining the extensive broadcasting assets of the Nine Network with the valuable print media assets of Fairfax Media is a new combination in Australian media which is facing significant disruption with the array of choice available from digital competitors such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and others.
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The rise of the female breadwinner

March 06 2017

With International Women's Day almost upon us, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that more women than ever are their household’s main income earner.

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Lottery most popular gambling category for Australians

September 07 2018

10.6 million Australians aged 18+ (55.4%) gambled in the 12 months to June 2018, including 8.6 million (44.8%) who bought a lottery or scratchie ticket. While total gambling participants have declined over the last 15 years, lottery and scratchie tic...

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