Satisfaction with retail superannuation funds catching up to industry funds

superannuation and wealth in australia

Market Research : Finding No: 6489

Industry superannuation funds continue to be ahead of retail funds for satisfaction with financial performance but with a rating of 59.6% in the six months to August , they are now only just ahead of retail funds with 58.9%. This is the narrowest lead industry funds have had in satisfaction over their main rival during the last five years.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence falls 3.9pts to 110.6 after Turnbull 'bounce'

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence Rating - September 29, 2015

Economic : Finding No: 6470

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence declined 3.4% to 110.6 this week. This partially retraces the record 8.7% bounce in the previous week in response to the appointment of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister. While this still leaves confidence a solid 5.0% above the level of two weeks ago, it is now back below its long-run average.
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New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gives immediate Consumer Confidence boost in all States and a wide range of demographics

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Political : Finding No: 6481

New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gave an immediate boost to Consumer Confidence across a range of key demographics this week. Overall ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence jumped by a one-week record 9.2pts – from 105.3 (September 12/13, 2015) to 114.5 (September 19/20, 2015) following Turnbull’s swearing in as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister on Tuesday September 15, 2015. This strong increase was repeated across the board.

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Nothing small about the small electrical market

kettle boil

Market Research : Finding No: 6475

From toasters to vacuums to microwaves to shavers, Australians spend over $260 million buying almost 1.7 million small electrical items in an average four weeks, new retail data from Roy Morgan Research shows.
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The cult of Australian cosmetics


Market Research : Finding No: 6474

While global mega-brands like Maybelline and Revlon may dominate the Australian cosmetics market, home-grown brands are not only carving out a niche for themselves, they’re even giving the major brands a run for their money in some categories, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal.
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Satisfaction with banks near record level in August but high value customers not so happy


Market Research : Finding No: 6472

The satisfaction level of personal banking customers in the 6 months to August 2015 was 82.8%, which was unchanged from July and only just below the 20 year high of 82.9% seen in March 2015. The high value customer quintile however (top 20%) that accounts for 63.2% of the total value of the financial services market, had the lowest level of satisfaction of all the quintiles with only 78.2%.
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Marks for marques: new car intention at AFL clubs


Market Research : Finding No: 6461

With Hawthorn’s million-dollar-a-year deal with Audi inked, only five AFL teams now don’t have a car sponsor—including the two that topped the ladder and another whose supporters are among the most likely to intend to buy a new car, Roy Morgan Research shows.
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Bundy: it’s a Queensland thing

September 21 2015

As anyone who’s been saved from a parking fine by a bikini-clad meter maid would know, Queenslanders do things differently. Their rum-drinking habits are no exception: whereas 5.4% of Australian adults consume some kind of rum in an average four week...

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Holiday intention down…but for how long?

September 23 2015

The proportion of Australians planning to take a holiday in the next 12 months is currently at its lowest point since the beginning of the year. While overseas travel intention has stayed steady in that time, the Roy Morgan Research Holiday Tracking ...

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