Airbnb: the changing face of accommodation booking


Market Research : Finding No: 6668

While online accommodation booking sites have been mainstream for many years, the meteoric rise of online accommodation marketplace Airbnb is changing the playing field. So how does Airbnb stack up in an Australian context?
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Off colour: fewer Aussie women buying eye shadow


Market Research : Finding No: 6667

Despite the best efforts of beauty editors and smoky-eyed starlets everywhere, eye shadow appears to be losing popularity as the years progress, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence stabilising for now at 111.4

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence - February 9, 2016 - 111.4

: Finding No: 6670

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence rose 0.2% this week to 111.4, breaking the declining trend in confidence seen over the previous four weeks. The recent weakness has left confidence below its long-run average levels (-1.2%), however, today’s result may suggest the concerns around financial market volatility have abated somewhat.
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Vegetarianism on the rise in New Zealand

Market Research : Finding No: 6663

Roy Morgan Research has found the proportion of Kiwis who say the food they eat is all, or almost all, vegetarian has grown 27% since 2011—with growth sharpest among a few key groups: 14-34 year-olds, North Islanders, and men.
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We’re all going on a summer holiday


: Finding No: 6654

True, Cliff Richard was probably not thinking about Australia when he sang about taking a summer holiday, but as our latest findings reveal, summer is the peak season for Aussies taking a domestic trip.
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The Uber phenomenon


Market Research : Finding No: 6658

Traditional taxi drivers hate it, but there’s no escaping the fact that mobile ride-hailing service Uber is on the rise in Australia.
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The Dick Smith dilemma

January 14 2016

With news of Australia’s oldest electronics retail chain Dick Smith going into receivership, Roy Morgan Research takes a look at how the major players in this competitive sector have been tracking over the last five years.

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Not quite Masters of the (hardware) universe

January 19 2016

Despite the fact that Woolworths has admitted defeat and is winding up Masters Home Improvement, the latest findings from Roy Morgan research reveal the number of Aussies shopping at Masters was on the rise, fast approaching the customer volume of it...

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