Nearly two million Australians use a financial planner or adviser – worth $703b

Economic : Finding No: 7655

New research from Roy Morgan shows that as of May 2018, 1.96 million Australians 14+ (9.7%) have used a financial planner/adviser to purchase superannuation or managed funds. This group of almost 2 million Australians accounts for $703b in total wealth management products (of over 27% of the wealth management market) and have an average value of nearly $360k. This a key segment that requires increased attention and detailed analysis from the major market participants, particularly at a time when there is a lot of talk about them leaving the industry or merging. 

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It’s Official: Majority would consider a hybrid

Market Research : Finding No: 7651

New research from Roy Morgan shows that 51.6% of Australian drivers aged 18 and over agreed that they ‘would seriously consider buying’ a hybrid vehicle. Three years prior this figure was at 48.7%, below consideration of diesel vehicles (50.1%) The greatest growth over the last three years came from an interest in fully electric vehicles which increased by 9.7ppts to 36.2%. Consideration for electric-based vehicles (hybrid or fully electric) increased by 4.2ppts to 55.7%.

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2.9 million Australians have a PlayStation 4 at home – and half of them use SVOD

Market Research : Finding No: 7658

Nearly eight million Australians aged 14+ own a video game console in the household, almost two-fifths of the population (39.4%). In this eighth generation of video game consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has the highest number of consoles in Australian households, Roy Morgan reveals. This is significantly larger than Microsoft’s Xbox One (1.88 million) and Nintendo’s Wii U (637,000).

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Bunnings satisfies most customers

Bunnings satisfied most customers

Market Research : Finding No: 7659

New research from Roy Morgan shows that in the 12 months to May 2018, 89.5% of hardware store customers were satisfied, an increase of 2.2% year on year. All four of the major players showed improvement, including the market leader Bunnings, which was up 1.3% points to 89.8%.

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ALDI now most trusted brand in Australia


Market Research : Finding No: 7653

Supermarket brand ALDI is now the most trusted brand in Australia with improvements in ALDI’s Net Trust Score lifting the supermarket retailer from third to first in the latest Roy Morgan Net Trust Score survey.

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June Business Confidence down to 114.4


Economic : Finding No: 7652

Roy Morgan Business Confidence was down 2.7pts (-2.3%) to 114.4 in June although it remains 2.6pts higher than a year ago and continues its best start to a year since 2014.

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Satisfaction up for discount department stores

Market Research : Finding No: 7649

New research from Roy Morgan shows in the 12 months to May 2018, 87.3% of customers of discount department stores were satisfied, an increase of 0.6ppts over the year. The biggest improvements came from Target Country which rose 3.3ppts year on year to 84.8% and Big W which increased by 1ppt to 86.6%.

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Unemployment drops to 8.7% in June, lowest since 2016

Roy Morgan Monthly Unemployment & Under-employment - June 2018 - 8.7%

Economic : Finding No: 7654

Despite job growth stalling, unemployment has dropped to 8.7% in June as fewer people look for work and the casualisation of the Australian workforce continues. The workforce which comprises employed and unemployed Australians has fallen to 13,416,000, down 114,000 on a year ago.

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The rise of the female breadwinner

March 06 2017

With International Women's Day almost upon us, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that more women than ever are their household’s main income earner.

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