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Obsessive about cause and effect?

Roy Morgan believes in the impact of longitudinal data. We believe in the ability for longitudinal data to inform causation of individual behaviour and to provide insights into the cumulative effects of life cycle transitions.

We believe that longitudinal data is crucial to informing complex social processes and ultimately is best for informing and evaluating public policy and programs that are designed to address complex social issues.

This belief has led Roy Morgan to establish the Centre for Longitudinal Research – a centre of excellence in longitudinal research that draws on our many years of experience and to work with our research partners to deliver longitudinal data with impact.

We are always seeking new partners and connections who believe in longitudinal data like we do, please reach out today.

Current Studies

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The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey is a government-funded, longitudinal social research project, for which Roy Morgan Research conducts the survey. Also known as the Living in Australia study, it began in 2001 and provides a comprehensive view of the Australian population.
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Growing Up In Australia

Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) is a major study following the development of young people and their families from all parts of Australia. Roy Morgan is proud to be undertaking this study in partnership with the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the Department of Social Services.
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Footprints In Time was an innovative study aiming to improve the understanding of, and policy response to, the diverse circumstances faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their families and communities. It was hoped that the results would assist the Australian Government’s strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of indigenous children in Australia.

Previous Studies

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Journeys Home

Journeys Home is designed to provide integral information to assist with the Australian Government’s strategy to reduce homelessness in Australia.
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