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Bunnings hammers competitors with twenty straight satisfaction awards

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, August 2017 – July 2018, n = 9,253. August 2018 – July 2019, n= 8,890. Base: Australians aged 14+ who purchased from a hardware store in the past four weeks.
New customer satisfaction data from Roy Morgan shows Bunnings to be the winner of the Hardware Store of the Month Award for July 2019, with a customer satisfaction rating of 91%. Bunnings has now won an impressive twenty monthly awards in a row, with this month’s win putting it into an unbeatable position for the 2019 Hardware Store of the Year.

As of July 2019, Bunnings’s customer satisfaction rating of 91% was followed by Mitre 10 (90%), Home Timber & Hardware (87%) and True Value (73%).

These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey derived from in-depth face-to-face interviews with 1,000 Australians each week in their homes and over 50,000 each year.

Although Bunnings has maintained a consistently high customer satisfaction rating for several years, Mitre 10 has also managed to lift its customer satisfaction in line with Bunnings. Both hardware stores have increased their satisfaction ratings by 1% over the past year, and 2% since July 2017.

Home Timber & Hardware, which won its last monthly customer satisfaction award in November 2017, has experienced a slight drop in customer satisfaction (-1%) since July 2018. True Value has also slipped 3% over the same period.

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards highlight the winners but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Roy Morgan tracks customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, advocacy and NPS across a wide range of industries and brands. This data can be analysed by month for your brand and importantly your competitive set and detailed analysis of Australia’s leading hardware stores is available as part of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Hardware Stores Report.

Leading Hardware Store Customer Satisfaction Ratings for July 2019

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, August 2017 – July 2018, n = 9,253. August 2018 – July 2019, n= 8,890. Base: Australians aged 14+ who purchased from a hardware store in the past four weeks.
Who is the typical Bunnings customer?

If you thought the typical customer was overwhelmingly male, you’d be wrong. While men make up the largest proportion of Bunnings customers (53%), women aren’t far behind (47%). This shows how Bunnings has successfully transformed the average Australian hardware store from a man’s playground, to a family-friendly place to shop.

The Roy Morgan Value Segment containing the highest number of Bunnings customers is Traditional Family Life, which is a segment representing the core of 'middle Australia motivated by security, reliability and providing better opportunities for their family’.

Bunnings customers are more likely than the average Australian to be in the Big Spenders category in relation to their discretionary expenditure, which explains why they’re happy to splash out on a new back deck or bathroom upgrade.

Their attitudes tend to be more conservative than the general population. For example, they’re less likely than the average Australian to believe that ‘it’s the governments duty to support those who can’t find work’, and more likely to think that ‘threats to the environment are exaggerated’.

Bunnings customers are a hard-working bunch. When they aren’t spending time on their latest renovation, they’ll usually be off doing other tasks around the home. About a quarter of them recently worked on a car, and three-quarters spent some time in the garden.

They also love to kick back in front of the television and watch sport. AFL, Test Match cricket and One Day International cricket are favorites, as is the Australian Open tennis tournament. In fact, they are more likely than the average Australian to watch all major sports on TV, except for basketball, which they’re not overly keen on.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan, says:

“Since opening their first warehouse in Melbourne in 1994, Bunnings have reinvented the typical Australian hardware store. No longer is it a place that solely consists of tools, nuts and bolts, but rather a store that caters to all aspects of the family home and garden.

“The transformation of the average hardware store has inspired a generation of Australians to give DIY a try. People are now more involved in household improvements and renovations, which was a job once left only to professionals.

“Bunnings is now setting the standard in regards to customer satisfaction. And with services such as gift cards, childrens’ playgrounds, DIY workshops and in-store cafes, it’s really not surprising to see them leading the way.

“Mitre 10 is also another stalwart of the Australian hardware industry, and it’s good news seeing them competing strongly with Bunnings on customer satisfaction. At this point in time, only Mitre 10 is capable of taking the ratings lead from Bunnings."

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