Pitch Planner

If you're pitching for a new piece of business or working on new product development, we might be able to help tip the scales in your favour. With market insights from across a myriad perspectives, we could fill the knowledge gaps and add the missing dimensions to your presentation.

In 2002, in our own little way, we helped major agencies in Australia and New Zealand win well over $250 million in new business. We made our contributions discreetly and in confidence. The work we've done for marketers, manufacturers and service providers in similar vein is indeed incalculable.

If you'd like the active participation of an experienced and informed specialist to work with your pitch team, we can offer to:

  • Muster the appropriate resources from within Roy Morgan Research
  • Suggest strategic direction and tactics for you to consider
  • Provide the data and rationale that backs up the final strategic direction
When you win a pitch, we win: it's good for everybody's business. We'd be happy to help you with the next one.