Roy Morgan Audiences

Roy Morgan Audiences brings together Roy Morgan’s industry leading Single Source and Helix Personas data, with a panel of over 19 million internet connected devices, to provide an unmatched level of accuracy and clarity in measuring digital audiences.


  • A real people based measure

  • Connects online and offline data in real time to measure the audience of your website or digital campaign with daily updates

  • Reports cumulative audience reach and frequency

  • Measures website performance by unique audience and impressions

  • Measures campaign performance by unique audience and impressions and clicks

  • Profiles audience by location, device, age and gender, and browser

  • Segments audiences through Helix Personas and Roy Morgan Single Source

  • Monitors which creative, websites and placements are working best

  • Adheres to best-practice privacy compliance using anonymised, aggregated digital events

Roy Morgan Audiences will transform how you measure and understand cross device digital audiences. To close the loop on evaluating your digital audiences, contact Roy Morgan Research.

To learn more about Roy Morgan Audiences contact

Andrew Aitken - Head of Digital Products & Partnerships

T: +61 3 9223 2342