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Asteroid FAQS / Support

Asteroid FAQS / Support

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about ASTEROID:

Q:What is ASTEROID, and what does it do?
A:ASTEROID is a software system which allows you to analyse consumer survey data (and some similar kinds of data) interactively. It is very flexible, fast and very easy to use.
Q:Why would I want to use ASTEROID?
A:If you handle large amounts of consumer survey data, ASTEROID helps you use it more productively. It does away with a thick hard-copy tabular report (much of which you may never need, and which often does not contain the analysis you find you really want) and allows you to produce the analyses you really need, when you need them, in seconds.
Q:What kinds of data can ASTEROID handle?
A:ASTEROID is primarily designed for consumer surveys. It uses unit record data, not aggregated figures and thus preserves the full detail of the data collected. The data is transformed into a unique database format which provides very high speed access, coupled with efficient compression and almost total flexibility of analysis. This means that very large data sets can be used.

ASTEROID can also handle similar databases (e.g. Human Resources databases) where the intention is to provide statistical summaries rather than to access or update individual records.

It is not designed to process text or accounting databases
Q:Can I use ASTEROID with surveys not conducted by Roy Morgan Research?
A:Yes, ASTEROID can be used with any survey data.

An ASTEROID database has to be created, either by Roy Morgan Research or by a licensed service provider. Roy Morgan Research has a separate Services Division which does this for a number of outside organisations without compromising confidentiality.

If you are a very heavy user of survey data, or you conduct your own surveys extensively, you may wish to consider becoming a licensed service provider. Talk to us.
Q:How big a dataset can ASTEROID handle?
A:How big is your disk? Yes, there are limits, but they are unlikely to be a problem for anyone, and if they ever are, we'll increase them.
Q:Will ASTEROID run on Windows 10?
A:ASTEROID runs on the most current versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows 10.  It is also supported on the equivalent versions of Windows Server, i.e. Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
Q:Will ASTEROID run on a Macintosh?
A:ASTEROID will run on a Macintosh equipped with PC emulation hardware or software running a supported version of Windows. Here are some links provided as reading material:

Running Windows on a Mac:

Parallels Desktop for Mac: 

VMware Fusion: 

Apple Boot Camp:

We strongly recommend you talk to your Mac supplier about the range of options available for running Windows on your Mac.
Q:Is ASTEROID easy to use?
A:Yes Asteroid is very easy to use.

ASTEROID has the standard Windows 'look-and-feel' and operation is consistent across all facets of the software. The data menus store the information in an organised, logical fashion. Together with the inbuilt search capabilities, this means that you can find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.
Q:What do I do if I need help?
A:ASTEROID has a comprehensive on-line Help manual with full searching capabilities. A hard-copy manual is also available.

We also have a complete set of self-paced guides as well as some training videos on our website at

For registered users of ASTEROID, there is a Help Desk available during business hours which can be contacted via telephone on +61 3 9223 2428 or via email at or alternatively submit your question using our online support.
Q:Can ASTEROID be networked?
A:Yes. A master copy of the ASTEROID software can be loaded onto a network server and deployed to any number of workstations.

Instructions are provided for deploying ASTEROID using Scripting or Windows Active Directory Group Policy. Refer to the installation manual which can be downloaded here.
Q:Are there restrictions on the number of users? Is there a license fee?
A:ASTEROID uses a unique database design which can be produced only by Roy Morgan Research or by an authorised agent. The fee for producing the database includes an unlimited-use license: there is no more to pay. Provision of an ASTEROID database includes free unlimited use of the software. You may make copies of programs and documentation for use within your organisation. A networked database may be accessed by any number of users simultaneously.
Q:How much disk space does ASTEROID take up on my PC?
A:The ASTEROID software takes up approximately 90mb of disk space.

Space is also required for any databases you may have. How much depends on the individual database, but an ASTEROID database is usually a lot smaller than the data file it was created from.
Q:How do I access the ASTEROID software?
A:ASTEROID is always distributed with a database. However, if you wish to download the software simply follow this link ( to register your details and download the software as a zip file.

ASTEROID software requires a specifically designed database, so please do not download the software unless you already have an ASTEROID database.
Q:Are there upgrades available?
A:Roy Morgan Research continuously updates and improves the ASTEROID software. Many improvements and new features have resulted from recommendations or suggestions from our clients.

Major upgrades of the software will be released frequently and minor updates or 'patches' will be available between major releases. These updates will be available for download. Click here to download the latest version of ASTEROID for free.
Q:How do I check to see which version of ASTEROID I am using
A:Go to the right of the Ribbon menu and click on the ASTEROID icon and an “About” window will pop-up.  The version will be displayed as ” Version”
Q:What are the minimum specifications my PC needs to run ASTEROID?
A:ASTEROID will run on any desktop or laptop PC which has an Intel Pentium 4 or later (including Intel Xeon and Intel Core family) or compatible.  Don’t worry – this includes just about any Windows PC purchased in the last 10 years.  The minimum memory required is the minimum recommended by Microsoft for your Windows operating system.  As a rule of thumb, 4GB of memory will allow ASTEROID to run the most complex tasks.
Q:Can I export the output ASTEROID produces into other software packages?
A:ASTEROID enables you to interchange the query outputs (tabulated results) with Excel with a click of a button. The results of a single table or all tables can be placed in an Excel Workbook instantaneously.

ASTEROID also produces, in the background, industry standard 'comma-separated-value' files.
Q:Is a demonstration available?
A:A series of short online videos (demonstration / training videos) are available on the Roy Morgan Research website. Click here to view the demonstration / training videos.
Q:Can I get training on how to use ASTEROID?
A:To arrange training please email

If you are familiar with survey data and know how to read conventional survey tabulations, you will need very little training to use ASTEROID. The online demonstration is an excellent starting point and the comprehensive self-paced guides outline how to use all components of the software. Your database provider will normally arrange any further training needed.

Click here to see What's New in ASTEROID and the self-paced training guides.
Q:What new features have been added recently?
A:See the What's New page for the latest enhancements and updates