Australians are split on whether 2018 will be ‘better’ than 2017

Australia - Next Year 'Better' or 'Worse' - November 2017

Social : Finding No: 7416

A special Roy Morgan SMS Survey taken in mid-November shows only 31% of Australians think 2018 will be ‘better’ than 2017, while 39% say 2018 will be ‘the same’ and 30% say 2018 will be ‘worse’.

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Satisfaction with banks remains high

Satisfaction with banks remains high

Market Research : Finding No: 7413

New research from Roy Morgan shows that customer satisfaction with banks in the six months to October 2017 was 80.6%. Although this was down marginally by 0.2% points from September, it was well ahead of the long term average of 73.9% established since 2001 and the low point of only 58.5% seen in that year.
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Amazon in Australia – the science behind the hype

Amazon in Australia - the science behind the hype

Market Research : Finding No: 7375

The Amazon juggernaut is arriving in Australia, but what does it mean for Australian retailers already struggling in a tough market? Well, there’s bad news and good news.

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New PM Jacinda Ardern drives surge in New Zealand Government Confidence

Political : Finding No: 7419

In November support for the newly elected Labour/NZ First/Greens Government was 54.5% (up 6% since early October) ahead of National/Act NZ on 41% (down 5.5%) with minor parties outside Parliament attracting the remaining 4.5% of support.

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Shannons tops satisfaction for comprehensive car insurance

Shannons tops satisfaction for comprehensive car insurance

Market Research : Finding No: 7412

In the year to October 2017, Shannons with a satisfaction rating of 92.6% had the highest rating among the sixteen largest comprehensive car insurers. This was an increase of 2.6% points over the year and was well above the industry average of 82.3%.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence slips 2.6pts to 123.7

ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating - November 2017 - 123.7

Economic : Finding No: 7401

ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence slipped further in November, but remains above its historical average. The current conditions index rose slightly; future conditions fell. Consumers appear to be looking through housing headwinds and the recent period of political uncertainty, seemingly happy to go with the flow, but with a cautious eye to the future.

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Luxury car sales are positioned to accelerate

Luxury car sales positioned to accelerate

Market Research : Finding No: 7411

Luxury car market sales are down 5.6% in October compared with the same period last year, but with a proliferation of models covering a wide range of price points, and changing buyer preferences, the luxury segment could be poised for growth.
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Roy Morgan spot on for Same Sex Marriage Survey

ABS Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey v Roy Morgan - November 2017

Social : Finding No: 7374

The ABS today released the results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey showing 61.6% of Australians support changing the law to allow same sex couples to marry and 38.4% of Australians are opposed.

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Mobile phone competition heats up in Sydney CBD

Mobile phone competition heats up in Sydney CBD

Market Research : Finding No: 7408

Competition among the major mobile phone providers for Sydney CBD workers has intensified with the recent opening of the new Vodafone store next to the Optus Flagship store and the nearby Telstra store. Although Telstra dominates the mobile phone market across Australia, Vodafone remains the top mobile phone provider among workers in the Sydney CBD, followed by Telstra, Optus and a group of smaller players.
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It's Official: Australians support assisted dying or euthanasia

Large majority of Australians in favour of Euthanasia

Political : Finding No: 7373

It’s Official: A large majority of Australians, 87% (up a significant 18% from May 1996) are in favour of ‘letting patients die when they are hopelessly ill and experiencing unrelievable suffering with no chance of recovery’ compared to 10% (down 7%) who say doctors should ‘try to keep patients alive’ and 3% (down 11%) who are undecided.
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The rise of the female breadwinner

March 06 2017

With International Women's Day almost upon us, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that more women than ever are their household’s main income earner.

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