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Roy Morgan Digital Measurement Privacy Policy

Roy Morgan Digital Measurement Privacy Policy

What is Roy Morgan Digital Measurement?

Roy Morgan Digital collects online audience metrics to assist advertisers and businesses understand the effectiveness of their websites and online advertisements. The information we provide to our clients is aggregated to represent subgroups of the population, no personal data is ever provided. The information we provide to clients relate to the performance of the ad or the website such as, which advertisements were ‘clicked on’ or how many and what type of people visited a website in a given time period. The information is derived from a variety of sources including our own survey data and online data capture techniques. We call this product our Digital Audience Measurement.

How does Roy Morgan collect online audience metrics?

We gather some of the information for our Digital Audience Measurement via the Roy Morgan Pixel. This technology is used by advertisers, publishers or advertising agencies on their online display advertisements. Each time the advertisement is displayed or clicked on, the event is captured. The pixel does not pass on any personal or identifiable information. We then merge this data with other sources of aggregated data that we collect such as our industry leading Single Source data and our geographic segmentation data Helix Personas. This additional information allows us to analyse web traffic and advertising clicks with greater insight.

The information gathered is reported to our clients as statistical information and may include demographic and geographic metrics (such as gender and age groupings) about the types of populations that are visiting the websites and clicking on the advertisements. Advertisers and advertising agencies use the Digital Audience Measurement data to assess whether their ads are working the way they intended and reaching the key target populations.

What is an online Pixel?

Roy Morgan uses technology commonly known as a pixel, which is implemented on website or ad-server that is used for the measurement of digital events. It collects data about a digital event. A temporary cookie is used and expires after 24 hours.

What data do we collect?

Roy Morgan Digital Audience Measurement uses aggregated data on:

  • Click-through conversions
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system type and version
  • Website on which the event occurred
  • Audience composition

Who else has access to this data?

From time to time Roy Morgan may use other business service providers or contractors to perform business functions necessary for our Digital Audience Measurement. Where it may be necessary to share survey or pixel data, or if required by law, data will always be provided in aggregated form, no personal identifiable information is ever shared without the consent of the individual or for any purpose other than for market research.

How is this data stored and protected?

Roy Morgan stores all user information from our research surveys in secure servers in Australia for as long as required for the purposes for which it has been collected.

Data gathered via our Roy Morgan Pixel are processed and stored in the secure cloud solutions, like Google BigQuery. Data is regularly updated and deleted in line with our requirements of our Digital Audience measurement product.

All employees sign confidentiality agreements and employees have varying degrees of access controlled by secure passwords. Furthermore some data may be encrypted when being transferred or stored.

Opting Out

Roy Morgan collects and processes only non-identifiable and aggregated data for our Digital Audience Measurement. If you prefer that we do not collect non-personally identifiable information about your website visits or clicks in the ads, you may opt out by contacting us on   
When you opt out, we will place an opt-out cookie on your computer. Please note that if you delete, block, or otherwise restrict cookies you will need to renew the opt-out cookie. If you use a different device or Internet browser, you will need to opt-out separately on each device and Internet browser. To view our general privacy policy click here.

Further information

All general queries, concerns or complaints should be directed to our Privacy Officer via the contact details listed below. If your complaint is regarding removal of your contact details from our records we will confirm in writing to you as soon as this is actioned. Our privacy officer or their representative will contact you for all other queries.

Privacy Officer

Phone: 1-800 337 332


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