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Woolworths Group takes the largest cut of fresh meat market

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, May - Oct. 2019, n= 5,586. Base: Australians 14+ who are the main grocery buyer.
The latest Roy Morgan Fresh Food and Grocery Report shows that Woolworths Group has the largest share of the fresh meat market, taking 27.5% of the more than $13 billion spent on fresh meat in Australia each year. Woolworths Group also enjoys the highest number of customers, with 42.7% of meat buyers having recently purchased from its stores.

The report shows Coles Group is in second place with 22.6% of the fresh meat market, followed by specialist Butchers (20.9%), Aldi (10.6%), Other Non-Supermarkets (6.6%), IGA (5.1%), Other Supermarkets (4.3%), and produce Markets taking the remaining 2.3%.

The findings are taken from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey, compiled by in-depth face-to-face interviews with over 1,000 Australians each week in their homes.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says long-term market-share trends show while buying meat remains a staple at 70% Australians buying meat each week, the changing way Australians purchase fresh meat is having a big impact.

Supermarkets now account for 70.2% of the meat market and while Woolworths Group’s market share has remained steady over the past eight years, declining only 0.1% points since 2011, there have been other notable changes. Butchers have declined in market share by 8.6% points, with the big winners in scooping up their customers being Aldi (up by 6.9% points), and Coles Group (up by 3.8% points). The major supermarket brands continue to increase their share of the fresh meat market, while small retail butchers are in long-term decline,” Ms. Levine says.

There are also significant regional variations to the fresh meat market with Woolworths dominant in Tasmania (41% of the fresh meat market) and Queensland (32%) while Coles has a leading position in Western Australia (30%) and the Northern Territory (41%). In South Australia Foodland is just behind Woolworths as the leading fresh meat supermarket while Butchers retain their highest market shares in New South Wales (22%) and Tasmania (23%). For further details on the regional breakdowns of the fresh meat market don’t’ hesitate to tap into the resources Roy Morgan can provide.”

Market share of fresh meat retailers

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, October 2018 – September 2019, n = 7,891 Base: Australians 14+ who purchased fresh meat in the past seven days (weighted to Australian households).

Comparison of market share of fresh meat retailers 2019 cf. 2011

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, Oct. 2010 – Sep. 2011, n=10,601, Oct. 2018 – Sep. 2019, n = 7,891. Base: Australians 14+ who purchased fresh meat in the past seven days (weighted to Australian households).

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