May 31, 2022

Cellarbrations wins ‘Best of the Best’ Award

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Liquor store Cellarbrations has won the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction ‘Best of the Best’ Award for 2021 for the first time just ahead of car manufacturer Isuzu UTE. The ‘Best of the Best’ award goes to the company that achieved the highest customer satisfaction of all 37 winners in the Annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Cellarbrations is the first liquor store to win the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Award and breaks the four year streak of the ‘Car Manufacturer of the Year’ category which had wins in the ‘Best of the Best’ Award for Isuzu UTE in 2018 and 2020 and Lexus in 2017 and 2019.

View a full list of all 37 of the 2021 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award Winners here.

The victory for Cellarbrations was built on the back of eight straight monthly victories in the Liquor Store of the Year category from March to October 2021. Cellarbrations had average customer satisfaction of an exceptional 96.6% in 2021 to beat Car Manufacturer of the Year Isuzu UTE (six monthly victories) by the barest of margins in second place on an average of 96.1%.

Other category winners to perform strongly included General Insurer of the Year RACT on 95.9%, Supermarket of the Year ALDI on 95.1% and Bank of the Year Bank First on 94.4%.

Cellarbrations and Bank First were the only two first-time winners in the Top 10 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award Winners in 2021 and were joined by Isuzu UTE, ALDI, Apple iPhone and Aussie Broadband who all registered consecutive top 10 results for the ‘Best of the Best’ Award.

Top 10 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award Winners 2021

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia). An average of 50,000 Australians per 12 month period aged 14+ interviewed in the time periods of 12 months to January 2021 through to 12 months to December 2021.

Michele Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Roy Morgan says Cellarbrations has performed exceptionally well during 2021 providing an ‘essential service’ to millions of Australians during a year of extensive lockdowns – particularly in Australia’s largest cities:

Block Quote
“Cellarbrations notched up eight straight monthly victories during 2021 and is the first Liquor Store to take out the presitigious Roy Morgan ‘Best of the Best’ Award. Cellarbrations had an average customer satisfaction of 96.6% in 2021 to just edge out defending champion Isuzu UTE on 96.1%.
“Liquor stores were considered essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic and Australians forced to spend extended periods at home were able to frequent the stores to keep supplies of their favourite drop topped up. Rival store First Choice Liquor finished a close second to Isuzu UTE in last year’s ‘Best of the Best Award’ during the first year of the pandemic.
“There were several companies to follow up with consecutive finishes in the top 10 of the ‘Best of the Best’ including Supermarket of the Year ALDI with an average customer satisfaction rating of 95.1% in fourth place and Handset of the Year winner the Apple iPhone on 94.3% in seventh place.  Apple iPhone has featured in the top 10 on a record-equalling four out of five occasions in the last five years.
“Aussie Broadband’s reputation continues to grow with the Internet Service Provider of the Year one of only four companies to finish in the top 10 of the ‘Best of the Best’ in consecutive years with an average customer satisfaction of an exceptional 93.2% up from an average of 91.3% in 2020.
“Another notable winner was ‘Bank of the Year’ Bank First which was one of only two first-time winners, along with overall winner Cellarbrations, to feature in the top 10 of the ‘Best of the Best’. Bank First, formerly known as the Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank, came in equal fifth in the award with an average customer satisfaction rating of 94.4% during 2021.”

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards highlight the winners but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Roy Morgan tracks customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, advocacy and NPS across a wide range of industries and brands. This data can be analysed by month for your brand and importantly your competitive set.

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