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Economic, Political and Social

Economic, Political and Social

Swinging voters to die-hard smokers, snorkelers, snorers and Hawks supporters

Roy Morgan’s economic, political and social research covers the gamut of our collective interactions, aspirations and opinions.

Drawn from our world-leading Single Source and Morgan Polls, our economic, political and social research is used by federal and state governments, the Reserve Bank, universities and think tanks, and major national and international companies to develop policies, examine trends and communicate with the public.


No other market research tool can help you compete more aggressively. Used with our ASTEROID software platform, you can re-cut and re-analyse the data to suit any business or marketing needs as they arise.

Our specialist industry analysts train your staff and conduct workshops to ensure that you can extract the maximum benefit from the data.

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Ready-made profiles and reports

Economical, Political and Social Reports

Economical, Political and Social Consumer Profiles

A consumer profile for every conceivable target market is available to download from swinging voters to die-hard smokers, golfers to snorers to Hawks supporters.  

Our profiles provide a clear, complete picture of your target’s demographics, lifestyle, media habits, brand awareness and loyalties, purchase intentions, satisfaction levels and values.

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