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Discover where superannuation fits into the priorities and lifestyles of your customers and prospects

Roy Morgan Superannuation data is unique as it can be linked to a vast range of other financial and non-financial information to enable a holistic understanding of each person’s financial needs and behaviour. This holistic understanding is not possible with simple stand alone surveys.

While Superannuation is still the major household financial product in Australia in terms of value, it should be understood and analysed in the context of all the other financial products, assets and debt that make up the true financial position of Australian households.

Nothing helps your business generate positive social customer interactions like a satisfied customer.

Ready-made reports and profiles

Roy Morgan’s Satisfaction with Financial Performance of Superannuation Report gives you a view of your satisfied customers and the satisfied customers in your industry. This report represents the benchmark for customer satisfaction of superannuation performance in Australia. We have separated the research results into superannuation types allowing easier comparison for customer satisfaction across institutions.

Superannuation Customer Profiles

A Customer Profile for your brand or product is already available to download.

Customer Profiles provide a clear, complete picture of your target market’s demographics, lifestyle, media habits, brand awareness, purchase intentions, satisfaction levels and values.

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The Superannuation and Wealth Management Report is based upon our total survey and includes total wealth, profile of customers, switching super, source of advice, perception of financial planners and has a section on women and superannuation.

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