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Customer Satisfaction Awards

Roy Morgan monitors and scores customer satisfaction across companies and brands

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Roy Morgan, Australia’s largest independent research company and one of the most respected in the world, has been measuring customer satisfaction for many years. We have been working with our clients to help them understand their customers better, their needs, work, wants, expectations and how to improve customer satisfaction. A thorough understanding of your customer satisfaction (and your competitors’) can dramatically help with customer retention, up-selling and cross-selling.

In this new age of social networking, it is all the more critical for Australian businesses to understand, track and respond to their customer satisfaction. Only a few years ago, ‘word of mouth’ was likely to be shared over a few drinks or a barbecue with friends. Today Facebook and Twitter could mean that your customers’ opinions are shared with thousands of prospective customers, virtually immediately.

Many of the world’s leading marketers readily recognise the unique value of our Customer Satisfaction Awards. Companies can’t ‘enter’ the awards or apply to be measured. There are no fees to pay. But if enough of our customers tell us they’re satisfied, your brand will be in the running. Consequently, when we call marketers with the good news that they are a finalist in our Customer Satisfaction Awards, it usually comes as a very pleasant surprise.

What are the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards?

Roy Morgan collects customer satisfaction ratings from an ongoing Single Source survey in Australia (over 60,000 consumers and 12,000 business decision-makers annually, for example.) This data is used to determine the monthly and annual winners of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.

To be eligible for the award, an organisation’s product or service is included within the Roy Morgan customer satisfaction list for Roy Morgan Single Source or the Roy Morgan Business Survey and receives a minimum sample size.

Each month we will publish on this website the top five organisations from our customer satisfaction monitor for each sub-category within each of the award categories. Choose your country from the drop-down list to see the categories and this month’s winners.

Roy Morgan also awards the annual customer satisfaction winner for each sub-category. The winner for the calendar year is the organisation that achieves the most months with a number one ranking. In the event that two organisations tie with the most top rankings, the winner will be decided by the highest overall percentage for the year.

Visit for further information and to view latest results.

How can winners can use this award?

The Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards provide winners with the opportunity to promote their achievement in their advertising and promotion.

With this in mind, we are now producing a range of ready-made research reports on satisfaction – profiles of satisfied customers and, possibly even more importantly, dissatisfied customers in a range of categories (the danger zone!)

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