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Food Segments

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We live in the age of the ‘foodie’. Cooking shows, celebrity chefs, food magazines, food bloggers, organic groceries, cupcakeries — society’s obsession with food in all its infinite permutations and preparations has hit a historic high.

Naturally, this widespread interest presents a golden opportunity for food-related businesses to tap into a broader, more diverse market than ever before. But other industries stand to benefit too, such as media, home wares and entertainment.

With this in mind, Roy Morgan has developed Food Segments — a market segmentation system that categorises people by their attitudes to food and cooking.

The segments

Meet the Food Segments:

  • House Proud (22% of Australians): Happiest when their pantry is well stocked and their meal is home cooked, House Proud individuals love cooking and grocery shopping.
  • Trendsetters (9%): New foods, new flavours and new experiences excite this segment, whether they’re cooking up a storm or dining out.
  • Entertainers (8%): This segment loves the social side of food. Whether they like cooking or not, they’re fabulous entertainers – at home and eating out.
  • Old-fashioned Cooks (12%): The same shopping list every week, traditional home-cooked meals and strong brand loyalty characterise this segment’s attitude to food.
  • Zappits (17%): For Zappits, cooking is an unnecessarily time-consuming chore. They’d rather save themselves the hassle with easy-to-prepare food or takeaway.
  • Take-it-aways (9%): Why cook when you can order? Takeaway is this segment’s preference, and as long as it tastes good, they’re happy.
  • Just Feed Me (23%): Not remotely interested in cooking, Just Feed Me people will simply eat what they’re given.

What can Food Segments do for you?

Understanding these segments allows you to tailor your products, marketing campaigns and other food/cooking-related offerings to the most receptive audience.

What’s more, with the power of Roy Morgan Single Source, your new-found understanding of each segment’s attitude towards food and cooking will also help you predict many of their other attitudes, preferences and consumer behaviours and help you reach them more cost-effectively. Now, that’s the icing on the cake!

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