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Technology Adoption Segments

Technology Adoption Segments

How to make the most of the new technological revolution

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The speed and diversity of new technology is having a dramatic effect on how we shop, socialise, relax and consume media.

By categorising the population according to their uptake of new technologies, Technology Adoption Segmentation provides a new level of understanding to help you target your best prospects and to inform your important marketing decisions.

Roy Morgan Technology Adoption Segments:

  • Technology Early Adopters (17% of Australians): Always first to purchase and use new technologies, these people are well educated with high incomes and risk-taking tendencies
  • Professional Technology Mainstream (18%): Ambitious individuals who adopt technology fairly early for career and time-saving purposes
  • Digital Life (14%): Typically students and young part-time workers, this segment is fast to adopt to social media styles of technology
  • Older Tech Explorers (9%): Generally older, this segment is passionate about new technology but cautious about spending money on it
  • Technology Traditionalists (24%): Usually aged 45+, these individuals are wary of change and only adopt new technology once it’s become mainstream
  • Technophobes (18%): The oldest segment, technophobes aren’t so much scared of new technology as uninterested, preferring more traditional pursuits (TV, gardening, reading).

What can Technology Adoption Segmentation do for you?

Understanding these segments allows you to tailor your product launches, digital marketing campaigns and technology-led offerings to the most receptive audience.

What’s more, with the power of Roy Morgan Single Source, your new-found understanding of each Segment’s attitude towards technology will also help you predict many of their other attitudes, preferences and consumer behaviours.

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