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Young Australians Survey

‘Pester power’ is alive and well

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Kids these days are an extremely influential group. Not only do they spend their own money but they influence their parents’ purchasing decisions across a range of household products.

As this influence grows, the market has become more competitive.

In 2004, Roy Morgan recognised the industry need for research measuring kids’ behaviour, attitudes and media consumption, and developed a nationwide survey of young Australians aged 6 to 13 years.

The Young Australians Survey is the largest continuous survey of this important market, with children recruited from households of existing Roy Morgan Single Source respondents. Over 2,000 children are surveyed annually.

Reports are released every six months, enabling savvy marketers to stay abreast of kids’ trends and preferences.

The survey analyses kids’ habits and attitudes by age and gender, including:

  • What’s cool for kids
  • Media consumption: magazine readership, attitudes to FTA TV programs and Pay TV channels, cinema attendance, internet usage, websites visited, sports watched on TV
  • Activities and interests
  • Time spent on activities (eg. media, sport, homework, online)
  • Buying decisions
  • Disposable income available
  • Money spent/saved
  • Mobile phone usage/purchase/attitudes
  • Food and beverages consumed
  • Attitudes

Can your business afford not to thoroughly understand this critically influential (and often overlooked) market segment?

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