ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence up to 116.3

116.3 up 0.4pts

Economic : Finding No: 8007

Confidence gained 0.3% last week. The financial and economic conditions subcomponents were positive, implying the detail was better than the headline suggested.

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1-in-5 shop at Kmart for home products

manchester bed sheets quilt pillows

Market Research : Finding No: 8051

Australians are increasingly choosing leading discount department store Kmart to buy their home products such as homewares, manchester, mirrors, baby & nursery products, furniture, plants & garden accessories.
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ABC still most trusted | Facebook improves

ABC still most trusted | Facebook improves

Market Research : Finding No: 8064

Australians trust the ABC and distrust Facebook the most, a landmark media survey reveals. Conducted in April by Roy Morgan, the MEDIA Net Trust Survey reveals that while Facebook – and Social Media generally – remains deeply distrusted in Australia, the ABC is still by far the nation’s most trusted media organisation.

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Podcasts growing in popularity in Australia

listening to headphones

Market Research : Finding No: 8056

Podcasts are growing in popularity in Australia and over 1.6 million Australians now download audio or video podcasts in an average four weeks, up from under 1 million just four years ago.

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New Zealand podcasts outgrowing other downloads

New Zealand podcasts outgrowing other downloads

Market Research : Finding No: 8053

New Zealanders are tuning in to audio and video podcasts at an increasing rate and the growth in podcast downloads is out-pacing the growth in other online downloads including TV programs, feature length movies and video clips.

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Indonesian Consumer Confidence falls to 158.6 in June

Indonesian CC 158.6 Down 3.2pts

Economic : Finding No: 8063

In June 2019 Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence fell 3.2pts from May to 158.6. This is 0.6pts higher than a year ago in June 2018 (158.0) and a significant 21.7pts above the long-run average (2005-2019) of 136.9.

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Lexus on top for car manufacturer satisfaction


Market Research : Finding No: 8062

New research from Roy Morgan shows Japanese car manufacturer Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus has emerged with market-leading customer satisfaction of 98%, up 4% points on a year ago, for the period of the 12 months to May 2019.
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Australian population growth powers travel industry

Australian population growth powers travel industry

Market Research : Finding No: 8057

It’s Official: Australian population growth since 2000 is powering the travel industry as proportionally fewer Australians are taking a holiday today than two decades ago.
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Women closing the superannuation gap

October 12 2018

New research from Roy Morgan shows that over the last decade, women have closed the gap considerably to men on superannuation, both for ownership levels and average balances. In 2008 only 57.4% of females had superannuation, compared to males with 66...

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Wonder Woman top superhero for Young Australians

September 24 2018

Wonder Woman is now the favourite superhero for Australian kids. An estimated 368,000 kids aged 6-13 years old in the year to June 2018 pick Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero flying ahead of former leader Batman on 303,000 new research fro...

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Wonder Woman on top and Captain Marvel one to watch

March 07 2019

Wonder Woman is again Australia’s favourite superhero for kids aged 6-13 years old. An estimated 394,000 Aussie kids picked Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero in the year to December 2018, up a stunning 137,000 from a year ago. W...

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