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May 20, 2024

No ‘Budget Boost’ for Government as ALP loses ground after Federal Budget is delivered: ALP 50.5% cf. L-NP 49.5%

Topic: Federal Poll
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The Albanese Labor Government has lost support and now only has a narrow lead after delivering the Federal Budget: ALP 50.5% (down 1.5%) compared to the Coalition on 49.5% (up 1.5%) on a two-party preferred basis after Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered the Federal Budget last week.

If a Federal Election were held now the result would be too close to call with a hung parliament and the support of minor parties and independents required for either the ALP or Coalition to form a minority government, the latest Roy Morgan survey shows.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan, says:

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“The following are some reasons the ALP vote has declined:

“In a climate where Australians are concerned about cost of living, inflation, and the housing crisis, the Reserve Bank has drawn a causal link between the housing crisis and immigration levels.

“The Reserve Bank has stated high immigration is driving rental inflation and this creates a housing crisis for many Australians. The Government’s failure to tackle high immigration – Coalition Leader Peter Dutton has stated the Coalition will cut annual permanent migration to 140,000 – is hurting the Government.

“The Government’s commitment to hand billions of dollars as tax rebates to Australian billionaires to create ‘clean technology’ such as ‘Green Steel’ has not resonated with electors; and  in addition the $300 per year household electricity rebate will be only a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to increasing mortgages and rising food prices.”

Primary support for the Coalition was unchanged on 37% this week while support for the ALP dropped 1.5% to only 30.5%. Much of this support went to the Greens, up 1% to 14.5%.

Support for One Nation was unchanged at 5.5%, while support for Other Parties was down 0.5% to 4% and support for Independents increased by 1% to 8.5%.

The latest Roy Morgan survey is based on interviewing a representative cross-section of 1,674 Australian electors from May 13-19, 2024. When comparing different polls it is always important to make sure to take note of the dates when the polls are conducted to undertake a proper comparison between two polls.

Further details will be released in Roy Morgan’s weekly video update presented by Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine.

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