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Segmentation Analytics

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Market segmentation is central to the work we do at Roy Morgan Research. By dividing a market into distinct and specific sub-groups, we ensure that our clients can pinpoint their target audience and plan their new products and marketing communications accordingly.

Most of our clients use one of the Roy Morgan Research segmentations. These include our acclaimed Values Segments, revealing Technology Adoption Segments appealing Food Segments, and invaluable Brand Equity Segmentation & Targeting (BEST)*.

For some clients we develop customised segments or create ‘proxies’ that mirror their own segmentation.

Roy Morgan Research has the ability to help you identify precisely who your customers really are, where they are, what their attitudes habits and preferences are and help you predict their future behaviour. From our massive, Single Source database we will even show you how best you can reach them, from their favourite magazines, most loved TV shows to their web browsing and social networking habits.

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