Roy Morgan Research

December 1999 Consumer Behaviour & its Impact on Tourism (download unavailable)
December 1999 Power of the Polls - Power of the Media (download unavailable)
November 1999 Broadcasting (Draft Report) by The Productivity Commission
November 1999 Beyond Print: A Future for Magazines
November 1999 Recent Reading - An Exercise in Double-Counting?
July 1999 The Market Impact of New Media (download unavailable)
May 1999 Inside Some Top Australian Brands - What Makes Them so Successful? (download unavailable)
April 1999 Beverages – Owning Your Customer or "What Market are we in Anyway?" (download unavailable)
September 1998 The Mood of the People & The Federal Election - Listen Carefully (download unavailable)
August 1998 Owning the Customer the Meeting of Modern Technology & an Understanding of People (download unavailable)
July 1998 Ensuring the Future Prosperity of Australia's Retail Sector July 29, 1998 @ Hotel Sofitel, Melbourne
July 1998 The Gallup International Olympic Games Survey
June 1998 Now There's No Corruption in Indonesia - Australia Must be Next!
May 1998 "Corporate Intelligence - The Sales Edge"
May 1998 Proof! Same Budget, Get 30-50% Greater Value!
March 1998 The 'Asian Crisis' Means Change for Australians
March 1998 Australia - The Opportunity to Lead the Way (download unavailable)
March 1998 The 'Asian Crisis' means change for Australians - if not We need a Republic to Destroy the Parliamentary System as we know it - and start again! (download unavailable)
February 1998 Owning the Customer - The New Paradigm: The Role of Customer Satisfaction Surveys
January 1998 What Customer Needs Are - The New Paradigm
January 1998 Gold Mining and Marketing - The New Paradigm (download unavailable)
October 1997 Pragmatic Readership Measures for the Future
June 1997 The Importance of Measurement - The New Paradigm
June 1997 The Importance of Measurement - the New Paradigm Presented by Michele Levine at 50th Anniversary Conference of Gallup International, Windsor, UK
September 1996 Buyer Behaviour in Marketing Practice - September 1996
January 1996 The Social Barometer
March 1994 New Zealanders fail to heed Neil Shepherd-Smith's cry to 'Put the Poor Beast out of it's Misery'
March 1994 AGB/MRS Don't Measure Average Issue Readership
December 1993 Memo to Users of Readership Survey Data By Gary Morgan, Executive Chairman, Roy Morgan Research
December 1993 NZ Readership Research - Buyers of Magazine & Newspaper Advertising Space By Steve Burns, General Manager
November 1993 Average Issue Readership - There is Something Wrong! By Neil Shepherd-Smith, Telmar Communications Ltd.
October 1993 The Monarchy, The Media & The Polls Presented to Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy By Gary C. Morgan
March 1993 Why is the Federal Election Close? By Gary C. Morgan, Executive Chairman, Roy Morgan Research
January 1993 Recession Headline News, Consumer Sentiment, the State of the Economy & Presidential Popularity: A Time Series Analysis 1989-1993
October 1992 What People Eat and Drink and Attitudes towards Nutrition
April 1991 Roy Morgan Readership Seminar
March 1991 Consumer Confidence & Prospects for Consumer Demand
March 1991 Beware of Media Schedules which include Magazines Published with Newspapers
February 1991 The 'Ideal Survey' - and until the 'Ideal Survey'
August 1990 Retail Sales vs. Consumer Confidence
July 1990 Now there's Democracy in Russia - Australia must be Next