Roy Morgan Research

November 1988 A Log-Linear Model For Predicting Magazine Audiences
June 1988 Australian Attitudes
May 1988 Accuracy of Opinion Polling in Australia
April 1988 Measurement of International Public Relations Campaigns (download unavailable)
April 1988 The Demand for New Motor Vehicles
April 1988 The Future of Values Studies
March 1988 Parameter Estimation and Applications for a Generalisation
of the Beta-Binomial Distribution (BBD)
August 1987 Consumer Purchasing of CHEESE!!
November 1986 Australians' Attitudes Towards IVF: A Comparison of the Values of Supporters & Opponents By Margaret Brumby & Michele Levine
November 1986 Public Opinion Polls Should Not be Banned
& Public Opinion Polls are Accurate
October 1986 An Overview of Some of the Theory Behind the On-line Casualness System
September 1986 The Inaccuracy of Telephone Polling - September 1986
September 1986 1986 Roy Morgan - Day after Recall Radio Ratings Comparison
with McNair Anderson Diary Radio Ratings
May 1986 Beyond Demographics
January 1986 Consumer Confidence, Voting Intention and Approval of Leaders
September 1985 The Values And Social Attitudes Of Older Australians Compared With The Young
September 1985 Surveys by the Morgan Gallup Poll on Australian Federal Elections 1946-84
August 1985 Experimental Readership Research
August 1984 Memo to Subscribers on Calculation of Pairs for Weekly Publications
February 1984 The Dirichlet Multinomial Distribution As A Magazine Exposure Model
June 1983 How a Composite Method Has Overcome Telescoping, Prestige
& Replication in Readership Research
May 1983 Alphabetical listing of Morgan Gallup Polls (1941-1982)
May 1983 Marketing News - Section 1
January 1983 Developing a Magazine Readership Validating Technique
June 1982 How Media Directors View Reach/Frequency Estimation
May 1982 Casualness Statistics By Age & Sex, Report 1
April 1982 A New Approach in Audience Measurement for Print Media
March 1, 1982 Magazine Readership and Images
February 1982 Readership Research: Need for Australian Advertisers and Agencies to Act
April 1981 Australian Outlook
February 1981 Readership Research: Need for Australian Advertisers and Agencies to Act
January 1981 Telescoping: The Skeleton in the Recent Reading Closet
January 1981 Telescoping: The Skeleton In The Recent Reading Closet
(Summary Of Key Points)
October 1980 Labour Tax Cuts and Petrol Price Policies Popular
June 1980 The Role Of The Mass Media In US Presidential Campaigns
May 1980 Readership Research Today and Tomorrow
January 1980 ARF Comparability
October 1979 Energy crisis or not - Government to blame for petrol price
March 1979 International Conference on Consumer Behaviour
December 1977 Understanding Buyer Behaviour by A.S.C. Ehrenberg and G.J. Goodhardt
March 1976 Reach Of Multiple Issues Of Individual Publications And Combinations
December 1975 Election Predictions by the Australian Gallup Poll (1946-1972) & Morgan Gallup Poll (1973-1974)
December 1975 The Polls on the Federal Election, December 1975
August 1975 New way to measure consumers' judgements
March 1975 Comparison of Approval of the Leaders and Voting Intention 1969-1974
August 1974 Survey of Election Issues and Electoral Reform
August 1974 A New Look at the Australian Voter
January 1974 Letter and report to Sir Philip Jones: Regular & Casual Readers of Melbourne & Sydney Daily Newspapers - 1971-1973
January 1974 Reach And Frequency Estimation Services
December 1973 "Double Interview" Survey: Swinging Voters
November 1973 Prompt Aids In Readership Research
January 1973 Magazine Readership: Is There Something Wrong?
December 1972 Roy Morgan at the Canberra Press Club
August 1972 Readership of Magazines
April 1972 Measuring the Audience of Magazines
February 1972 The Accumulation Of Audiences For Australian Publications
January 1972 A Philosophy - Roy Morgan Research Readership
December 1970 Australian Outlook
October 1970 Personal Media Probabilities
August 1970 Research In Advertising: Gaps and Opportunities For The Next 3 Years
January 1969 A New Look At Reach And Frequency
January 1967 Advertising Reach and Frequency in Magazines
1964 Letters from Elmo Wilson & Polls on the Federal Election 1964
1946 Letters to Bill Gaskill
February 1945 Readership and Listing Surveys 1944/45
February 1943 Letters from William T Fox 1943 & 1947
December 1941 Public Opinion Polls - The Gallup Method
September 1941 Sydney Sun Reader Interest Survey Paper published by Sydney Sun - September 1941
1941 Letters from Mr & Mrs Magruder to Roy Morgan - 1940 & 1941